Larry Graham Alexander

My musical mentor -- the person whom I have admired for his meticulous attention to counterpoint, articulation, harmony, and melodic phrasing since I started, in 1983, doing PC music making with the Orchestra-90 music language on the Radio Shack TRS-80 Models III, 4P and later the CoCo's I, II, and III, and even in part with PC Orc 2.1a -- has been Larry Graham Alexander, a "lone star" native of Texas whose clear ability to aurally imagine his music without even having to play a written note of it - proven when his used to send me his original manuscripts which I transcribed, arranged, and recorded his music for a while when he was not able to get to hear it performed - is incredible. And his music has been a continued inspirational resource. Although we have never met except in cyberspace, I hope to help promote his music as much as I can in a goodwill effort for all aspiring serious musicians to benefit from.

The following music arrangements of his are clear demonstrations of his mastery of composition. Although I would consider his style more influenced by classical and jazz than any others (but I have heard blues, country, bluegrass and funk influences), his ability to adapt to others is also very notable. I hope that my own efforts can in part demonstrate aspects of his mastery of form and content shown in all of his musical efforts.

These files are not archived. In browser's with a proper MIDI plug-in, you can click on and have them played now. They are all in General MIDI. Enjoy.

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