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Carrie Jacobs-Bond

Carrie Jacobs-Bond (whose maiden name was Carrie Minetta Jacobs) was born on 11 August 1861 in Janesville, Wisconson and died on 28 December 1946 in Glendale, California at the age of 85. (For more info, goto the Library of Congress at this webpage.) She was a distant cousin of John Howard Payne, who wrote the words to Home Sweet Home. She was first married on 28 Dec 1880 (at 18) to Mr. Edward J. Smith with whom she had a son named Frederic Jacobs Smith (b. 23 Jul 1881; d. 1928). After seven years they were divorced (on 18 Jun 1889). She was later married in 1887 (at the age of 25) to Dr. Frank Lewis Bond (born in 1858) until his death in 1895. She was the owner of the music publishing company called The Bond Shop which had various addresses, all in Chicago, IL, among which were: 1) 5535 Drexel Avenue; 2) 746 South Michigan Avenue; and, 3) the Fine Arts Building. She published a collection of her songs called Songs Everybody Sings (circa 1927) and a memoir called The Roads to Melody (1927).

Three collections of special note are:
Sam DeVincent Collection of American Sheet Music (Matches found for her music)
of the Lilly Library at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana

at the American Music Researce Center of the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.
Guide to the Carrie Jacobs Bond Collection, 1885-2001

Carrie Jacobs-Bond Collection, Music Division of the Library of Congress, 2004

Her most popular songs were I Love You Truly (1901) and A Perfect Day (1910).

An excellent webpage with more info about Bond as well as music(!), I recommend you visit the ParlorSongs website's webpage at
Carrie Jacobs-Bond: America's First Great Popular American Woman Composer

Among the Sources column the abbreviation AAS refers to American Art Songs of the Turn of the Century edited by Paul Sperry (New York: Dover Publications, Inc.), ISBN 0-486-26749-0; SES her songbook collection mentioned above; and all other references are to Box/Item numbers at the Levy website or to the collections at the University of Indiana (UoInd) or the Music Library of the University of South Carolina (UoSC).

Title Words Source
The Dear Auf Wiedersehn (No. 1 from Two Songs) Grace Buffie Boylan LL-SDV-040003@UoInd; Chicago: The Bond Shop
Where to Build Your Castles (No. 2 from Two Songs) Bond Chicago: The Bond Shop
Is My Molly Dead? Bond Chicago: Brainard
Mother's Cradle Song Bond from Eleven Songs
Write to Me Often, Dear Samuel Mintum Peck from Eleven Songs
Come, Mr. Dream-Maker Samuel Mintum Peck from Eleven Songs
If I Could Hear Your Voice Again Samuel Mintum Peck Chicago: Brainard
The Pansy and the Forget-Me-Not Bond from Eleven Songs
Tzigani Dances [for piano] none London: Frederick Harris; @NLA
When Church Is Out from "PUCK" SES: p.87
Who Is True Clifford C. Carelton from Eleven Songs
Chimney Swallows (Valze Caprice) none cat# 20302 from an Aoelian 58-note organ roll
June and December Bond from Eleven Songs
Memories of Versailles Waltz none cat#20306 from an Aeolian 58-note organ roll
Someone I Love Is Coming Samuel Mintum Peck from Eleven Songs
Through the Mists Samuel Mintum Peck from Eleven Songs
To the Victor (March) none cat#20303 from an Aeolian 58-note organ roll
Tzigani Dances none cat#20304 from an Aeolian 58-note organ roll
Until Death Clifford C. Carelton from Eleven Songs
Uncle Sam's Victory for Liberty March none LL-SDV-040041@UoInd; Chicago: The S. Bainard's Sons Co., Plate No. 17,466-4
A Little Shoe William Lightfoot Pisscher 105/057c; from Four Songs, #3; Chigago: Bond & Son
Have You Seen My Kitty? Bond 105/057a; from Four Songs, #1; Chicago: Bond & Son
The Bird Song Bond 105/057b; from Four Songs, #2; Chicago: Bond & Son
When My Ships Come Home Bond 105/057d; from Four Songs, #4; Chicago: Bond & Son
A Study in Symbols Clarence Urmy SES:p.30
But I Have You Bond from Eleven Small Songs
Cupid's Home Bond from Eleven Small Songs
De Las' Long Res' (No. 5 from Seven Songs) [7 Jan] Paul Laurence Dunbar 2564@UoSC
Des Hold My Hands Tonight (No. 7 from Seven Songs) [7 Jan] Bond 2564@UoSC
Her Greatest Charm anonymous SES: p.79
I Love You Truly (No. 4 from Seven Songs) [7 Jan 1901] Bond 147/023; 147/024; SES: p.2; 2564@UoSC
Just A-wearyin' for You (No. 3 from Seven Songs) Frank Stanton 147/160a; SES:p.12; 2564@UoSC
Parting (No. 1 from Seven Songs William Ordway Partridge 2564@UoSC
Shadows (No. 2 from Seven Songs) Bond SES:p.14; 2564@UoSC
Still Unexprest (No. 6 from Seven Songs) Bond 2564@UoSC
Sunshine--Po' Li'l Lamb Paul Laurence Dunbar from Eleven Small Songs
The 'Lily and the Rose Louise Chandler Moulton from Eleven Small Songs
Tis Summer in Thine Eyes Heinrish Heine from Eleven Small Songs
When God Puts Out the Light Bond SES: p.74
When You're So Sad Bond from Eleven Small Songs
When Youth's Eternal Louis Chandler Moulton from Eleven Small Songs
A Bad Dream Juliet Wilbur Tomkins from Twelve Songs
His Buttons Are Marked U. S. [revised in 1918] Mary Norton Bradford 013/086
I Was Dreaming -- Maybe Bond from Twelve Songs
Just By Laughing [from Ten Songs (1905) and Thirty Songs] Anonymous LL-SDV-040023@Univ. of Ind.
Linger Not Frank Stanton from Twelve Songs
Love's Sacred Trust Bond from Twelve Songs
May I Print a Kiss Bond 150/086 [2]
Mother's Three Ages of Man Bond from Twelve Hours
Over Hills and Fields of Daisies Bond from Twelve Songs
The Dear Auf Wiedersehn Bond from Twelve Songs
Time Make All But Love the Past Bond from Twelve Songs
Two Lovers anonymous 150/086 [1]
Until God's Day Frank L. Stanton SES: p.23
When I Am Dead, My Dearest Christina G. Rossetti from Twelve Songs
When I Bid the World Goodnight Cathcart Bronson from Twelve Songs
Nothing But a Wild Rose Bond from Three Songs
The Angelus Bond from Three Songs
Walking in Her Garden Bond from Three Songs
Good Night Clarence Ousley SES: p.40
In a Foreign Land Mme. Ducleax from Ten Songs
Is Yo'? Yo' Is Marjorie Benton Cooke 147/123; SES: p.80
Just Lonesome Harriet Axtell Johnstone SES: p.9
Men and Women Wilbur Dick Nesbit from Ten Songs
My Dearest Dear Clarence Ousley from Ten Songs
The Gate of Tears Mme, Duclaux Chicago: Smith
When Do I Want You Most? Bond from Ten Songs
Where to Build Your Castles Bond from Ten Songs
Birds Moira O'Neil SES: p.50
After Vacation McLanberg Wilson from Nine Songs
Happy Lil Sal (from Two Songs) Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
His Lullaby Robert Healy SES: p.42
Longing C. Jessica Donnelly Chicago: Bond & Son
Morning and Evening from New York Sun from Nine Songs
The Free Concert Bond from Nine Songs
The Lure from Houston Post from Nine Songs
Trouble Bond from Two Songs
Doan' Yo' Lis'n Bond Chicago: Bond & Son; 1078@Univ.ofOregon
In Dear Hawaii Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Love and Sorrow (Song Cycle for Barytone) Paul Laurence Dunbar Chicago: Bond Shop
The Dark Lament Irene C. Dobyne 145/186
A Memory Bond Chicago: Volland
A Perfect Day (aka The End of a Perfect Day) [29 Apr] Bond 154/063; SES: p. 26; BMC
Almost Impossible [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Half Minute Songs
  1. Making the Best of It
  2. First Ask Yourself
  3. To Understand
  4. Doan' Yo' Lis'n
  5. How to Find Success
  6. The Pleasure of Giving
  7. Answer the First Rap
  8. A Good Exercise
  9. A Present from Yourself
  10. Now and Then
  11. When They Say the Unkind Things
  12. Keep Awake
Bond from Miniature Songs; AAS: p.23
Know and Find [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Look Up [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Mother Mine [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
My Soul Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Please [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Robin Adair Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Smile a Little [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Stop and Sing [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
The Good Folk [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
The Shepherdess Authur Sullivan Chicago: Bond & Son
The Way of the World [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
There Is a Way [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Why [10 Feb] Bond from Smile Songs
Hush-a-By W. Dayton Wegefarth SES: p.44
Play Make-Believe Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
A Little Pink Rose Bond 153/079; SES: p.46
A Sleepy Song Bond 154/136
Nothin' But Love! George N. Alsop 153/188
O Haunting Memory Mrs. E. C. Pierce Chicago: Bond & Son
The Sandman Mary White Slater, 1910 SES: p.84
God Remembers When the World Forgets Clifton Bingham SES: p.60
A Hundred Years from Now John Bennett 152/094
Compensation M. H. Chicago: Bond & Son
Life's Garden Fred Jacobs Smith SES: p.89
A Song of the Hills Bond SES:p.17
Consolation Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Do You Remember? Bond 151/152
To the Saviour Called Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
To-Day John Bennett LL-SDV-040040@UoInd; Chicago: Bond & Son
A Perfect Day Waltz (Introducing A Perfect Day & A Wearyin' for You) none 2028UoSC; Chicago: The Bond Shop
O Time! Take Me Back Bond SES: p.93
Waltz of the Wild Flowers [for piano] none London: Frederick Harris; @NLA
A Cottage in God's Garden Bond LL-SDV-040002@UoInd; Chicago: Bond & Son
A Little Bit o' Honey W. G. Wilson SES: p.76
Betty's Music Box (For The Pianoforte) none LL-SDV-040001@UoInd; Chicago: The Bond Shop
Got to Practice! Bond Chicago: Bond & Son; @Univ.ofOregon
The Blue Flag (Military March for the Piano) Bond [contains, in part, lyrics to Just A-Wearyin' for You and A Perfect Day] 096/030
The Soul of You Margaret Hobson Albers Chicago: Bond & Son; @NLA
My Son! Bond 096/266
Ten Thousand Time, Ten Thousand Dean Alford Chicago: Bond & Son
Through the Years Bond SES: p.20
We Are All Americans (Allegiance) Fanny Hodge[s?] Newman 097/113
Democracy (Song) William Mill Butler 096/053; 151/149
Old Friend of Mine George F. O'Connell LL-SDV-040032@UoInd; Chicago: Bond & Son
Out in the Fields Elizabeth Barrett Browning 063/107
Your Song F. O'Connell Chicago: Bond & Son
I've Done My Work George W. Caldwell SES: p.70
The Hand of You Bond SES: p.36
Evening, My Love, and You (A Song with obbligato for Violin and Violoncello) W. R. Anderson LL-SDV-040006@UoInd; Chicago: Bond & Son
Homeland Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Lazy River Bond SES:p.63
Little Lost Youth of Me Eleanor Meyers Jewitt from Good Housekeeping LL-SDV-040026@UoInd; Chicago: Bond & Son
Were I Nan Terrell Reed SES: p.67
The Golden Key Bond SES:p.32
In the Meadow Bond SES: p.4
The Forget-me-not anon. SES: p.54
Hollyhocks W. Gard Chicago: Bond & Son
Roses Are in Bloom Francesca Falk Miller Chicago: Bond & Son
The Little House Nancy Byrd Turner from Good Housekeeping Magazine 333@UoSC; Hollywood, CA: Bond & Son
To My Valentine Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
The Crimson-Breasted Bird Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
The Elopement B. King Chicago: Bond & Son
Dear California H. Van Dyke Chicago: Bond & Son
Lively Hour C. Jessica Donnelly Chicago: Bond & Son
Remember to Forget Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
In My Garden Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
My Garden of Memory Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
A Long Time Ago Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Unknown Dates
A Vision Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
At Morning, Noon and Night Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Because I Am Your Friend Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
California Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Going to Church With Mother Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
I'm Captain of the Broomstick Cavalry Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Jesus Is Calling Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
Movin' in De Bes' Soci'ty Bond Chicago: Bond & Son
The Naughty Little Girl Bond Chicago: Bond & Son

Year Title Source
1892 Two Songs (contains:)
  • The Dear Auf Wiedersehn
  • Where to Build Your Castles
Chicago: Brainard
1897 Eleven Songs (contains:)
  • Mother's Cradle Song [1895]
  • Write to Me Often Dear [1896]
  • Come, Mr. Dream-Maker [1897]
  • The Pansy and the Forget-Me-Not [1897]
  • Who Is True [1897]
  • June and December [1898]
  • Someone I Love Is Coming [1898]
  • Through the Mists [1898]
  • Until Death [1898]
  • ???
  • ???
Chicago: Brainard
1899 Four Songs (contains:)
  • Have You Seen My Kitty?
  • The Bird Song
  • A Little Shoe
  • When My Ships Come In
Chicago: Bond & Son
1901 Seven Songs as unpretentious as the Wild Rose (contains:)
  • Parting [pp. 6-7]
  • Shadows [pp. 3-5]
  • Just Awearyin' for You [pp. 8-9]
  • I Love You Truly [p. 11]
  • De Las' Long Res' [p. 10]
  • Stll Unexprest [pp. 12-13]
  • Des Hold My Hands [p. 14-15]
also contains the poems of:
  • Two Hard Days for Mother [p. 16]
  • The Path o' Life [p. 17]
  • Talkin' About Little Things [p. 18]
Chicago: Bond & Son
1901 Eleven Small Songs (contains:)
  • But I Have You
  • Cupid's Home
  • Sunshine--Po' Li'l Lamb
  • The 'Lily and the Rose
  • Tis Summer in Thine Eyes
  • When You're So Sad
  • When Youth's Eternal
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Chicago: Brainard
1902 Two Songs [May I Print a Kiss; Two Lovers] Chicago: Bond & Son
1902 Twelve Songs (contains:)
  • I Was Dreaming--Maybe
  • Linger Not
  • A Bad Dream
  • Love's Sacred Trust
  • Mother's Three Ages of Man
  • Over the Hills and Fields of Daisies
  • The Dear Auf Wiedersehn [1892]
  • Time Make All But Love the Past
  • When I Am Dead My Dearest
  • When I Bid the World Goodnight
  • ???
  • ???
Chicago: Bond & Son
1904 Three Songs (contais:)
  • Nothing But a Wild Rose
  • The Angelus
  • Walking in Her Garden
Chicago: Bond & Son
1905 Ten Songs (contains:)
  • In a Foreign Land
  • Just By Laughing [1902]
  • Men and Women
  • My Dearest Dear
  • When Do I Want You Most?
  • Where to Build Your Castles [1892]
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Chicago: Smith
1907 Nine Songs (contains:)
  • After Vacation [1902]
  • Morning and Evening [1902]
  • The Free Concert [1902]
  • The Lure [1902]
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Chicago: The Bond Shop
1907 Two Songs [Happy Lil Sal; Trouble] Chicago: Bond & Son
1910 Miniature Songs Chicago: Bond & Son
1910 The Smile Songs (contains:)
  • Almost Impossible
  • Know and Find
  • Look Up
  • Mother's Mine
  • Please
  • Smile a Little
  • Stop and Sing
  • The Good Folk
  • The Way of the World
  • There Is a Way
  • Why
Chicago: Bond & Son
1911 Little Kitchen Songs and Stories Chicago: Bond & Son
1927 Thirty Songs (Songs Everybody Sings) Chicago: Bond & Son

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