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These General MIDI files are based on The Civil War Songbook: Complete Original Sheet Music for 37 Songs Selected and with an Introduction by Richard Crawford, published by Dover Publications in 1977, ISBN 0-486-23422-3. I also have another Civil War music page of many other songs which I will continue to add to. You can now find most of this book online here.



The Battle Cry of Freedom 1862, George Frederic Root, 1820-1895
Battle Hymn of the Republic 1862, Julia Ward Howe
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! 1861, [The popular refrain]
Dixie's Land (Dixie) 1860, Daniel Decatur Emmett
The Bonnie Blue Flag 1861, Mrs. Annie Chambers-Ketchum
Henry (Harry) Macarthy
Maryland, My Marryland! 1861, James Ryder Randall
The Southrons' Chaunt of Defiance 1861, Armand Edward Blackmar


We Are Coming Father Abra'am 1862
James Sloan Gibbons
Luther Orlando Emerson
Marching Through Georgia 1865, Henry Clay Work
Who'll Save the Left? 1863
R. Tompkins
George Frederick Root, 1820-1895
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! (or The Prisoner's Hope) 1864, George Frederick Root, 1820-1895
Just Before the Battle, Mother 1864, George Frederick Root, 1820-1895
The Soldier's Return 1862
W. H. Morris
John Rogers Thomas
Tenting on the Old Campground 1864, Walter Kittredge
All Quiet Along the Potamac To-Night 1863
Ethel Lynn Beers
John Hill Hewitt
The Grant Pill (or "Unconditional Surrender") 1864
Harriet L. Castle
James Cox Beckel
O I'm a Good Old Rebel unknown


The Children of the Battle Field 1864, James Gowdy Clark, 1830-1897
Comrades, I Am Dying! 1864
Thomas Manahan
B. Sontag
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh 1863, William Shakespeare Hays
Little Major 1862, Henry Clay Work
The Dying Volunteer 1861, G. Gumpert
Bear Gently, So Gently, the Roughly Made Bier 1864
Mrs. E. A. B. Mitchell
Chr. Mathias


Can I Go Dearest Mother? 1862, Bernard Covert
Weeping, Sad and Lonely (or When This Cruel World Is Over) 1862
Charles Carrol Sawyer
Henry Tucker
O Come You from the Battle-Field? 1864, George Frederick Root, 1820-1895
When Johnny Comes Marching Home 1863, Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore
The Vacant Chair (or We Shall Meet But We Shall Miss Him) 1862, George Frederick Root, 1820-1895
Brave Boys Are They! 1861, Henry Clay Work
Mother Is the Battle Over? n.d., Benedict E. Roefs
Grafted into the Army 1862, Henry Clay Work
Jeff in Petticoats 1865
George Cooper
Henry Tucker


The New Emancipation Song 1864
R. A. T.
Mrs. Parkhurst
Glory! Glory! (or The Little Octoroon) 1866, George Frederick Root, 1820-1895
Kingdom Coming 1862, Henry Clay Work
Sixty-Three Is the Jubilee 1863
J. L. Greene
D. A. French
We Are Coming from the Cotton Fields 1864
J. C---n
J. C. Wallace
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