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Anthony [Anton] Philip Heinrich (b. 11 March 1781 in Shonbuchel, Bohemia; d. 3 May 1861 in New York, NY), America's self-proclaimed loghouse composer, first came to America in 1805, settling in Philadelphia, after his wife died in 1814. He later moved to Kentucky, in Louisville, and later to Bardstown. He went to London in 1827 and returned to America by 1832. He then returned to Europe in 1834. He returned to America in 1838 and worked in and around New York from then until 1861. He was called the Beethoven of America in 1823 by the Boston writer John Rowe Parker. He had a daughter named Antonia.

Read contemporary comments about Heinrich by John Hill Hewitt.

A major source for Heinrich's music is Kallisti Music Press. I am pleased to have so far helped draft submissions for the publisher's Editorship of the following Heinrich published books:

  1. Piano Music, Vol. IV (2002)
  2. Songs, Vol. V (2003)
  3. Legiones columbarum americanarum sylvestrium (The Columbiad). [1858] (2007)
Currently my work on his Songs, Vol. VII and The Jubilee: A Grand National Symphony Canonical [1841] are in progress. A 1996 reprint edition of The Sylviad: or, Minstrelsy of Nature in the Wilds of North America prepared, with an Introduction by J. Bunker Clark, is available from Conners Publications of Wisconsin, ISBN 0-965432-0-8. A 1972 reprint edition, in one volume, of The Dawning of Music and The Western Minstrel has been published by Da Capo Press of New York, in their Early American Music Series, Volume 10, ISBN 0-306-77310-4. It has an Introduction by H. Wiley Hitchcock.

Another website devoted to Papa Heinrich is here and features sections for a Biograph, Compositions, Critical Analysis, Bibliography and a Discography.

The Dawning of Music in Kentucky,
or the Pleasures of Harmony
in the Solitudes of Nature
(Opera Prima) (4 May 1820)




A Bottle Song (Six Bumpers, An Overflowing Bumper, Postscript-- or a Health to Amateurs, Valso Cantante)

Robert Burns; Heinrich

pp. 41-51

A Chromatic Ramble, of the Perigrine Harmonist


pp. 135-145

A Divertimento for the Piano Forte (Farmington Minuet, Farmington Allemande, Farmington March)



Avance et Retraite (Military Waltz)


p. 119


William B. Tappan (from Songs of Judah)

p. 191

Coda [from Heinrich's Songs, Vol. I, Kallisti Music Press edition. Used by permission]

William B. Tappan

pp. 146-147

Columbia's Plaint Henry C. Lewis pp. 95-96; 012/056@Levy

Empress's March (from The Minstrel's Petition)


pp. 245-250

Fair Haidee's Waltz


p. 56

Farewell to Farmington (Cotillion)


p. 180

Five Minuets (The Imperial, The Royal, The Illustrious, The Affable, The Philanthropic)


pp. 227-232

From Thee Eliza I Must Go (Song)

Robert Burns, 1759-1796

p. 175-179

God Save the Emporer (subject by J. Haydn) (Tema + 5 Var.) (from The Minstrel's Petition)


pp. 219-226

Hail Columbia (Minuet)


pp. 71-73

Hail to Kentucky

P. Grayson Esqr.

pp. 11-18

How Sleep the Brave (Vocal+pno; and Harmonized for Three Voices)


pp. 77-79

Kentucky March (Trio & Quickstep Waltz)


pp. 61-66

La Buena Mattina (Sonata for the Piano Forte)


pp. 25-39

Lord Byron's Cotillion (an Extract from The Fair Haidee, a song written by that eminent English bard) (Performed as a Solo dance in the musical Melo Drama of the Child of the Mountain)


p. 55

March Concertante (adapted to the Piano Forte, intended for full orchestra)


pp. 197-213

Marcia di Ballo (Marcia Brioso, Rondo Fanfare)


pp. 157-163

Ode to the Memory of Commodore O. H. Perry (Requiem) (plus Epitome)

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 91-94

Prologue Song

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 4-9

Say What Is That Heart! (Song)

Peter W. Grayson Esq.

pp. 181-186

Sensibility's Child (Song)

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 99-100

Sensibility (Song [Duet])

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 97-99

Serenata (A Seranade) (Adapted for the Piano Forte)


pp. 19-24

Supplement ("My heart that tuneless long hath remain")

Boston Bard

pp. 150-152

Sweet Maid (Song)


pp. 164-165

Tema di Mozart and an Original Air (Varied for the Violin with Accompaniments)


pp. 121-134

The Affable (Minuet) (from Five Minuets)


pp. 230-231

The Austrian (A Landler)


pp. 85-90

The Birthday of Washington (A Patriotic Ode)

Anon. from the National Intelligencer

pp. 232-237

The Bohemian Emigrant

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 193-195

The Bride's Fairwell

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 102-103

The Fair Bohemian (Cotillion)


p. 81

The Fair Traveller (or the Post-Ride from Prague to Vienna) (Descriptive Waltz) (from The Minstrel's Petition)


pp. 238-245

The Henriade (Cotillion)


pp. 196

The Illustrious (Minuet) (from Five Minuets)


pp. 229-230

The Imperial (Minuet) (from Five Minuets)


pp. 227-228

The Minstrel's Petition, or a Votive Wreath


God Save the Emperor!

Five Minuets (The Imperial, The Royal, The Illustrious, The Affable, The Philanthropic)

The Austrian—A Landler

The Fair Traveller

Emperess's March


pp. 216-250

The Musical Bachelor [Version 1]

A Gentleman of Kentucky (J. R. Black Esq. of Shelbyville, Ky.)

pp. 67-70; also from Songs, Vol. V (Philadelphia: Kallisti Music Press, 2003), page 61-64

The Musical Bachelor [Version 2]

A Gentleman of Kentucky (J. R. Black Esq. of Shelbyville, Ky.)

pp. 66; also from Songs, Vol. V (Philadelphia: Kallisti Music Press, 2003), page 65

The Philanthropic (Minuet) (from Five Minuets)



The Prague Waltz


pp. 80

The Royal (Minuet) (from Five Minuets)


pp. 228-229

The Sarah (Cotillion)


p. 192

The Sons of the Woods (An Indian War-Song)

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 153-156

The Unamiable (Cotillion) (plus A German Hopsassa Dance and An Allemande)


pp. 82-84

The Yankee Doodleiad (A National Divertimento)


pp. 254-269

The Young Columbian Midshipman (Waltz Song) (contains Vivo!, Epitome)

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 52-54

Three Cotillions (Luciade, La Primavera, Il Brilliante)


pp. 166-168

To the Air of Hail Kentucky


pp. 9-10

Visit to Farmington


p. 101

Visit to Philadelphia

Henry C. Lewis

p. 114

O Where Is That Heart

Paul W. Grayson Esq.

pp. 188-189

Yankee Doodle, Waltz


pp. 74-76


The Western Minstrel,
a Collection of Original, Moral, Patriotic,
& Sentimental Songs for the
Voice & Piano Forte,
Interspersed with Airs, Waltzes, &c.
(Opera Seconda) (23 June 1820)




Gypsy Dance


p. 27

Hast Thou Seen!

William B. Tappan (from Songs of Judah)

pp. 2-3

Image of My Tears

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 25-26

Irradiate Cause!

William B. Tappan (from Songs of Judah)

pp. 24-25

Landler of Austria (a rustic Waltz)


p. 16

Love in Ohio

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 34-35

Maid of the Valley

William B. Tappan

pp. 11-12

O Smile Upon the Deaf & Dumb

William B. Tappan (from Songs of Judah)

pp. 33-34

Philadelphia Waltz (an extract from Visit to Philadelphia)


p. 3

Remember Me!

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 4-5

Sailor Boy's Dream

Dr. Diamond

p. 32-33

The Minstrel's March, or Road to Kentucky


pp. 36-39

The Musical Bachelor [Version 3]

J. R. Black Esq, of Shelbyville, Ky.

pp. 14-16; also from (Philadelphia: Kallisti Music Press, 2003), pp. 66-68

The Yager's Adieu

Anon. German; trans. By Paul Grayson Esq.

pp. 6-7

There Is an Hour of Peaceful Rest

William P. Tappan from New England and Other Poems

p. 17

Venez Ici!

Henry C. Lewis

pp. 12-14

Where Are the Pleasures of Life [from Heinrich's Songs, Vol. I, Kallisti Music Press edition. Used by permission.]

G. Dutton

pp. 22-23


The Sylviad; or Ministrelsy of Nature
in the Wilds of N. America
[Set 1] (Opera Terza) (1823)




The Minstrel's Catch, or Canone infinitum (A Lay, from 8 to 40 Voices, more Adlibitum, or A Medium between)


No. 1, pp. 3-6

Toccatina capriciosa


No. 2. pp. 7-14

Canone Funerale, An American National Dirge


No. 3, pp. 15

Valsetto Triangolo


No. 4, p. 16


William B. Tappan, Esq.

No. 5, p.. 17-20

The Minstrel's Musical Compliments to Mrs. Coutts, a Fancy Cotillion: Vivat Britain's Fair!


No. 6, pp. 21-27

A Divertimento di Ballo


No. 7, pp. 28-34


The Sylviad; or Ministrelsy of Nature
in the Wilds of N. America
[Set 2] (Opera Terza) (1825-26)

[page numbers refer to the Conners reprint version]




Overtuer de la Cour (Intended for the Orchestra)

  ˇ Polonaise de la Cour

  ˇ Fantasia alla Polonaise


No. 1, pp. 40-80

Toccata grande cromatico

  ˇ Gran Toccata cromatico

  ˇ Interludio semplice

  ˇ Intermezzo variato

  ˇ Finale o Fantasia tripolata


No. 2, pp. 81-108

The Students March


No. 3, pp. 109-122

Overture to the Fair Sylph of America, Miss Eliza Eustaphieve

  ˇ Original Address of the Minstrel

  ˇ The Stranger Friend

  ˇ Overture to the Fair Sylph

  ˇ Alla valse

Morgan Neville

No. 4, pp. 123-152

The Minstrel's Entertainment with His Blind Pupil


No. 5, pp. 153-177

The Yager's Adieu

Heinrich (in German); English translation by Paul Grayson

No. 6, pp. 178-196

Where Is the Nymph (from Moore's Melodies)

Thomas Moore and a Lady Friend

No. 7, pp. 197-201

The Minstrel's Catch, or Canone infinitum (new version of set 1, no. 1)


No. 8, pp. 203-206

The Four Pawed Kitten Dance, a Musical Jest for the Piano Forte


No. 9, pp. 207-212

Fill Your Goblets, a Chorus Song

H. McMurtrie, Esq.

No. 10, pp. 214-215

Epitaph on Joan Buff

William Stanton

No. 11, pp. 216-230

The Minstrel's Vote for President


No. 12, pp. 235

Bernard, Duke of Saxe Weimar's March


No. 13, pp. 237-240

The Sylph of Music, or Euterpe's Resignation

C. H. Locke

No. 14, pp. 241-243

Where's the Home, or Exile's Reflection

C. H. Locke

No. 15, pp. 245-248

Mary (and Polly's Consolation, or a Travesty on the preceeding Lament)


No. 16, pp. 249-253|4-8

The Minstel's March to the Woods


No. 17, pp. 259-264

A Sylvan Scene of Kentucky, or the Barbecue Divertimento, Comprising the Ploughman's Grand March and the Negro's Banjo Quickstep


No. 18, pp. 265-287

The Log House, a Sylvan Bravura (Il Malinconico, L'Entusiasta, Il Romantico)

John Mills Brown

No. 19, pp. 289-310

The Minstrel Adieu

C. H. Locke

No. 20, pp. 311-314

The Embarkation March


No. 21, pp. 315-318

Sequel, or Farewell to My Loghouse (A Song; and Harmonized for Four Voices)


No. 22, pp. 319-324

The Debarkation March


No. 23, pp. 326-327

The Western Minstrel's Musical Compliments to Mrs. Coutts

Heinrich (in German); translated by Paul Grayson)

No. 24, pp. 329-344

Vivat Britain Fair! a Wedding Reel


No. 25, p. 345

The Western Minstrel's Recollection of the Wilderness of Kentucky, or a Vocal Fantasia

Miss Ann Gibbon Whipple of Gardner, Maine

No. 26, pp. 347-357

Bohemia, A Sacred Melody


No. 27, pp. 358-359


Works of Known Dates




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Antonia (SATB with Organ) (from National Church Harmony) Heinrich? @LoC
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Nay, Lady N. Greene man.
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The Mastadon (orchestra) (ca. 1845) none Philadelphia: Kallisti Music Press
Breezes from the Wild Wood:
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