The Music
John McLaughlin
and the
Mahavishnu Orchestra

We play music to align the spirit. -- Traditional Hindu Saying.

The Inner Mounting Flame Meeting of the Spirits
The Noonward Race
A Lotus On Irish Streams
Vital Transformation
The Dance Of Maya
You Know You Know
Birds of Fire Birds of Fire
Miles Beyond
Celestrial Terrestial Commuters
Thousand Island Park
One Word
Open Country Joy
Visions of the Emerald Beyond Eternity's Breath
Lila's Dance
If I Could See
Be Happy
Earth Ship
Opus I
Between Nothingness and Eternity Dream

I have transcribed and arranged all of the above songs 
based on their original scores as published in the 1976 
Warner Brothers Publication songbook of "John McLaughlin 
and the Mahavishnu Orchestra". These MIDI file arrangements 
are for personal non-commercial use only. They may by used 
on personal webpages after requesting my permission via 
email which includes the URL where they will be posted and 
a credit link to this webpage. The ad lib solos marked in 
the score were my own written out ones for the various 
instruments except in the case of "One Word" where the 
drum solo was arranged with the program The Jammer Pro.

All 26 sequences are based on the songbook of the same name
which was published in 1976. All ad libs were written by
me except in "One Word" where the drum solo ad lib was
created with The Jammer Pro. The music was performed from
four albums released between 1972-75.

Two songs were not sequenced due to the "ad lib" nature
of their scoring, namely "Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love"
from the album "Birds of Fire, and "On the Way Home to
Earth" from the album "Visions of the Emerald Beyond".

The sequences were created by me during January and
February of 1998 using Finale 97 and Cakewalk Pro Audio.

Some of the "aphorisms" from the songbook would be an
appropriate closing to this project.

We play music to align the spirit.
   Tradition Hindu Saying

Let music of love spread wings of peace over our planet.
No longer pollute our world with  our world with poisons
  of war, poisons of greed, poisons of ignorance.
Let all people, all animals, all beings, earth, air and
  water live and embrace in love and peace.
Let musis of love heal our little globe.
Let music of love pore out into the universe.
Let music of love rise from our tiny world and join the
  stars of endless milky rivers of light.

                   ALAN HOVHANESS (1975)

The word "spiritual" does not apply to goodness,
Or to wonder-working,
The power of producing miracles,
Or to great intellectual power.
THe whole of life is in all its aspects is one single music;
And the real spiritual attainment is to tune one's self
To the harmony of this perfect music.

                   HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN

Music must serve a purpose; it must be a part of
something larger than itself, a part of humanity.
  I am a man first, an artist second. As a man, my first
obligation is to the welfare of my fellow men. I will
endeavor to meet this obligation through music - the means
which God has given me - since it transcends language,
politics and national boundaries. My contribution to world
peace may be small, but at least I will ahve given all I
can to an ideal I hold sacred.

                   PABLO CASALS

Our sages developed music from time immemmorial
For the mind to take shelter in that pure being
Which stands apart from the body and mind as one's true self.
Real music is not for wealth
Not for honours
Or even for the joys of the mind
But as a path for realization and salvation.
This is what I truly feel.

                   ALI AKBAR KNAN

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