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[First Published by the Author in 1883]
[1st Edition, 1902]



This webpage is devoted to all of the music contained in the title collection. The songs are listed here in the same order as they are in the book. Many of the songs are listed with words and melody only, thus I will try to arrange them with appropiate accompaniments. Anyone having more info about any of the songs listed are encouraged to email me about it. Anyone wanting to request a song which has not yet been posted from this list, please send a song request email to me with "[Song Request]" in its "Subject" line.


Title Year Words Music
My Country! 'Tis of Thee [aka America] 1832 Dr. Samuel Francis Smith, 1808-1895, (1831) Henry Carey, 1689-1743, from God Save the King (1744)
The Star-Spangled Banner 1814 John Stafford Smith, 1750-1836 Francis Scott Key, 1780-1843; Arranged by Thomas Carr
Comrades, Join the Flag of Glory (Tune: Banish Sorrow) 1813 anon. anon.
Hail! Columbia (President's March) 1798 Joseph Hopkinson Joseph Hopkinson
God Save Our President 18?? Harrison Millard Harrison Millard
The Flag of the Constellation [Florence, Italy, May 1861] 1861 T. Buchanan Reed Air: Sparkling and Bright
The American Flag 18?? Joseph Rodman Drake, 1795-1820 Melody from Bellini
O Columbia! the Gem of the Ocean; or, The Red, White and Blue 1843 Thomas a Becket Sr. Thomas a Becket Sr. [for David T. Shaw, Actor]
The Banner of the Stars 1863 Capt. R. W. Raymond Capt. R. W. Raymond
Ye Seamen of Columbia 1813 anon. anon.
The Banner of the Sea (Words awarded the Scranton[,PA] Truth's prize of $100, by John Boyle O'Reilly as per an article in the Lima [Ohio] Daily News dated 16 Aug 1889) 1889 Homer Greene of Honesdale, PA Bernard Covert
Liberty Tree 18?? Robert Treat Payne Robert Treat Payne
Flag of the Free 18?? Harrison Millard Harrison Millard
Columbia Rules the Sea 18?? J. D. Canning Henry Tucker
The Flag of Our Union 1851 George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Yankee Doodle (Original) 1775 Dr. Shamburg Dr. Shamburg
The Ship of State 18?? William Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882 George Frederick Root, 1812-1895
Float, Beautiful Flag 18?? George W. Knight George Blankman
Yankee Doodle 18?? General George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 General George Pope Morris, 1802-1864
Our Flag Is There [aboard the U.S.S. Boston] 1829 Purser Joseph Watson, U.S.N. Purser Joseph Watson, U.S.N.
Sea and Land Victories [from The Naval Songster] 1815 anon. anon.
America, Commerce, and Freedom [from the Boston Musical Miscellany] 1815 anon. anon.
Yankee Thunders [from Boston] 1813 anon. anon.
Rock'd in the Cradle of the Deep 18?? Mrs. Emma Willard J. P. Knight
Viva L'America, Home of the Free 18?? Lt. Harrison Millard Lt. Harrison Millard
Pull Away 18?? Rossini Rossini
The Freedom of the Seas 1813 anon. Tune: Ye Gentlemen of England
Truxtun's Victory 18?? anon. anon.
Washington [circa 1865] 1865 John F. Cowan Horatio Collins King, 1837-1918
The Battle Hymn of the Republic 1862 Mrs. Julia Ward Howe Tune: John Brown's Body
Remember the Maine! 1898 Robert Burns Wilson Charles Crozat Converse, 1832-1918
The Constellation and L'Insurgente (for [3] Male Voices) [9 Feb] 1799 anon. anon.
Sailing by the Lowlands 18?? M. B. C. S. anon.
The Constitution and the Guerriere [19 Aug] 1812 anon. anon.; Tune: The Landlady of France
What Will You Do, Love? 18?? Samuel Lover Samuel Lover
Paul Jones' Victory [ref: 23 Sep 1779] 1813 anon. anon.
The Hornet; or, Victory No. 5 [ref: 24 Feb 1813] 1813 Samuel Wordsworth Tune: Battle of the Nile
Rolling Home 18?? anon. anon.
Old Ironsides (The U.S.S. Constitution) 1830 Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1809-1891 Dr. William Lardner, Chevelier of the Golden Order of Poland (C. G. P.)
Adieu to Maimuna 18?? from the Arabic Music: The Broken Ring
Perry's Victory [ref: 10 Sep 1813] 1813 anon. anon.
The Ballad of Billy Taylor 18?? anon. anon.
Yankee Tars 1813 anon. Tune: Derry Down, 1630
Song of the Fishes 18?? anon. anon.
Ship of Tripoli 1815 anon. Tune: Battle of the Nile
The Yankee Girls 18?? anon. anon.
The Yankee Man-of-War 1778 anon. anon.
Ye Parliament of England 1813 anon. anon.
Yankee Chronology 1813 William Dunlap anon.
Manhattan's Dear Isle [25 Dec] 1843 Midshipman W. F. Spicer, U.S.N. Midshipman W. F. Spicer, U.S.N.
The Kearsarge and the Alabama [ref: 19 Jun 1864] 1864 anon. anon.
Through Fire in Mobile Bay 18?? T. C. Harbaugh T. C. Harbaugh
The Girl I Left Behind Me 18?? anon. anon.
Unmooring 18?? anon. anon.
A Toast to Dewey [27 Nov 1897 & 3 May 1898] 1898 Archibald Hopkins anon.
The Pirate of the Isle 18?? anon. anon.
The Dreadnought 1841 from the Merchant Service anon.
A Life on the Ocean Wave 1838 Epes Sargent, 1812-1880 Henry Russell, 1812-1900
Cease, Rude Boreas 1760 Falconer anon.
Paddle Your Own Canoe 18?? Harry Clifton Harry Clifton
I'm Afloat [1 Feb] 1841 Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 Henry Russell, 1812-1900
Rules of the Road, at Sea 18?? anon. anon.
High Barbary 18?? anon. anon.
The Meeting 18?? Dibdin Purday
Poor Tom Bowling, or, The Sailor's Epitaph 18?? Charles Dibdin, 1745-1814 Charles Dibdin, 1745-1814
The Tar's Farewell 18?? Stephen Adams Stephen Adams
The Larboard Watch (Duet) 18?? Williams Williams
Nancy Lee (Ballad) 1875 Frederick Edward Weatherly, M. A., 1848-1949 Stephen Adams (pseud. for Michael Maybrick)
Absent Friends and You, Mary 184? William F. Spicer William F. Spicer
Come, Brave the Sea 18?? anon. Bellini
Hats Off! The Flag is Passing By 188? H. H. Bennett James Hazard Wilson
The United States and the Macedonian [ref: 25 Oct 1813] 1813 anon. anon.
Here's a Health to Thee, Tom Breese 1830 J. C. Drake J. C. Drake
Ben Backstay [both the original and the book's version are made here into a medley] 18?? Charles Dibdin, 1745-1814; Contributed by V. Mott Francis, M.D. Charles Dibdin, 1745-1814; Contributed by V. Mott Francis, M.D.
Three Fishers Went Sailing 18?? Rev. Charles Kingsley J. Hullah
Jack Mainmast 18?? anon. anon.
The Outward Bound 18?? Hon. Mrs. Norton Hon. Mrs. Norton
The Heart Knows Only One 18?? Captain Willes Johnson Philip Klitz
Trancadillo 18?? Caroline Gilman Francis H. Brown
Good-Night, Ladies 18?? anon. anon.
Poor bessy 18?? G. Hodson G. Hodson
The White Squall 18?? George A. Barker George A. Barker
When You Get Home, Remember Me 1882 Henry Clay Work, 1832-1884 Henry Clay Work, 1832-1884
See Our Oars With Feathered Spray 18?? Sir John Sturvson Sir John Sturvson
Venetian Boat Song 18?? W. G. Cusins W. G. Cusins
Isle of Beauty Fare Thee Well 181? Thomas H. Bayley, Esq. (from Songs of Rosa, Vol. 1, Second Edition) Melody by Charles Chapland Whitmore; Arr. by T. A. Rawlings
On Friday Morning, We Set Sail; or, The Mermaid 18?? anon. anon.
Oh, I Am a Merry Sailor Lad 18?? anon. anon.
The True Yankee Sailor 18?? anon. anon.
Though Lost to Sight, to Memory Dear; or, Sweetheart Goodbye 18?? George Linley, 1701 J. W. Cherry
The War Ship of Peace (The U.S.S. Jamestown) [6 Oct] 1887 Samuel Lover anon.
Sail Ho! 18?? W. D. Spaulding G. L. Spaulding
All Hands, Ahoy! 1879 anon. anon.
Our Yankee Ships 1892 Anna Louisa White Anna Louisa White
The Merman 18?? anon. anon.
Sailing 18?? Godfrey Marks Godfrey Marks
Home, Sweet Home 1823 John Howard Payne, 1791-1852 Sicilian Air arranged by Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, 1786-1855
The Pirate's Serenade 18?? J. Thompson J. Thompson
The Cumberland's Crew [ref: 8 Mar 1862] 1862 George R. Willis George R. Willis
The Anchor's Weighed 18?? John Braham J. G. Mulder
The "Date of Thirty-Nine" 1839 William F. Spicer William F. Spicer
The Fearless Tar 18?? James Ellison James Ellison
The Midshipmite 18?? Fred E. Weatherly Stephen Adams
Farewell to Grog [ref: 31 Aug 1862] 1862 Caspar Schenck Air: Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl
All's Well 1805 Thomas John Didbin John Braham
Ye Lingering Winds 18?? anon. anon.
Song of the '41 Date 1846 John G. Whittaker John G. Whittaker
The Gale 1845 William F. Spicer William F. Spicer
The Practice Cruise 1871 N. H. Barnes N. H. Barnes
Canadian Boat Song 18?? Thomas Moore Thomas Moore
The Black Ball Liner Shanty Song 18?? anon. anon.
Oh, Pilot! 'Tis a Fearful Night 18?? Thomas Haynes Bayly S. Nelson
Larry O'Brien 18?? anon. anon.
The Light-House 18?? Thomas Moore J. Wilson
The Sea! The Glorious Sea 18?? W. Würfel W. Würfel
Black Eyed Susan 17?? John Gay, 1688-1732 John Gay, 1688-1732
O, Swiftly Glides the Bonny Boat 18?? anon. anon.
The Light of Memory 18?? A. Rotoll A. Rotoll
Ballad of the Oysterman 18?? Oliver Wendell Holmes J. L. hatton
The Sailor's Journal 17?? Thomas John Didbin Purday
The Naval Academy Graduate's Song 18?? anon. anon.
The Best Bower Anchor 17?? Thomas John Didbin H. West
Tom Tackle 17?? Thomas John Didbin G. Hogarth
The Bay of Biscay O! 18?? Andrew Cherry John Davy
Jack's Claim to Poll 17?? Thomas John Didbin H. West
The Nancy 17?? Thomas John Didbin H. West
Come, Loose Every Sail to the Breeze 18?? anon. anon.
Homeward Bound 17?? anon. anon.
Wives and Sweethearts 17?? Thomas John Didbin Purday
Nancy Dear 17?? Thomas John Didbin H. West
Ship A-Hoy 18?? Thomas Moore Thomas Moore
The Flash Frigate 18?? anon. anon.
The Norfolk Girls 18?? William F. Spicer William F. Spicer
Wrap Me Up in My Tarpaulin Jacket 18?? W. P. B. W. P. B.
Poor Jack 17?? Thomas John Didbin G. Hogarth
There Is Melody, Boys, Etc. (Boat Song) 18?? anon. anon.
The Sailor Boy's Farewell 1834 R. W. Meade Sr. R. W. Meade Sr.
Barney Buntline; or, The Sailor's Consolation 18?? anon. anon.
Glide Along, Our Bonnie Boat 18?? anon. Favorite Round from "Jubilee"
The New Hampshire Boys 1888 The School Master The School Master
Life's Weather-Gauge 17?? Thomas John Didbin H. West
The Two Proud Sisters of the Sea [Ref: the Wasp, 18, and the Hornet, 18] 18?? Oliver Wendell Holmes anon.
Let the Ocean Heave to the Tempest's Wing 18?? Rev. D. Davidson Rev. D. Davidson
The Young Midshipman 1804 anon. anon.
The Sailor [Mar] 1886 N. H. Barnes D. P. Horton
The Sailor's Home 18?? Rev. J. A. Ballou D. P. Horton
Our Good Ship Speeds Before the Gale (A Duet in Answer to Larboard Watch) 18?? George Cooper, 1840-1927 Harrison Millard
Good-Bye, My Lover, Good-Bye (Song and Chorus) 1882 T. H. Allen T. H. Allen
A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea 18?? Allan Cunningham Allan Cunningham
The Fisherman's Daughter 18?? Sam. Bagnall Sam. Bagnall
Beautiful Isle of the Sea 1865 George Cooper, 1840-1927 John Rogers Thomas, 1830-1896
Good News from Home 18?? anon. anon.
For Her Sweet Sake 18?? Benedict Benedict
Lovely Man 17?? Thomas John Didbin Thomas John Didbin
The Minute Gun at Sea (Duet) 18?? M. P. King M. P. King
Jack Ratlin 17?? Thomas John Didbin G. Hogarth
The Lass That Loves a Sailor 17?? Thomas John Didbin Thomas John Didbin
The Sea, the Sea, the Open Sea 18?? Barry Cornwall S. Neukomm
Sailor's and Soldier's Memorial Day 18?? M. B. C. S. W. O. P.
Peace to the Brave 18?? Oliver Optic William Vincent Wallace; arr. anon.
Sailor's Grave 18?? Dr. William Mason Dr. William Mason
How Sleep the Brave 18?? William Collins, 1720-1756 D. P. Horton
The Blue and the Gray 1875 F. M. Finch Harrison Millard
The Loyal Fisher [ref: 29 Jul] 1866 from Harper's Bazaar Carlard; Arr. D. P. Horton



Title Words
Haul the Bowlineanon.
Haul Away, Joeanon.
Johnny Bokeranon.
For 'Rousing up' the Bunt of a Sailanon.
Reuben Ranzoanon.
Sally Brownanon.
John Françoisanon.
My Tommy's Gone a High-Lowanon.
Blow, My Bully Boys, Blowanon.
Liverpool Jackanon.
Whiskey Johnnyanon.
Oh! They Call Me Hanging Johnnyanon.
So Handy, My Boys, So Handyanon.
Poor Old Mananon.
Knock a Man Downanon.
Rio Grande (A Windlass Sons)anon.
Sometimes We're Bound for Englandanon.
Let the Bulgine Runanon.
Santa Annaanon.
Old Storm Alonganon.
It's Time for Us to Leave Heranon.
Homeward Boundanon.
The Black Ball Lineanon.
Paddy, Come Work on the Railwayanon.

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