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As of 11 March 2009, I no longer offer Audio or Data CDs. Rendered audio versions of my MIDI files will have to be made by the user (with the option noted below in Fees). However, a one-time royalty free license fee still applies to any commercial use of my MIDI files whether rendered, or not, to audio. As of 16 October 2010, money orders (foreign nor domestic) are not accepted for payments.


NOTE: By single use, I mean for website background or newsletters, greeting cards, and video demos. Multiple use means those usages of my MIDI files or rendered audio file versions of them used in bundled (or application embedded) sales distributions such as games, products or applications.

For the commercial single use of my MIDI files only, the fee is $5 each. For commercial multiple use, the fee is 1 cent per $1 of sales per file used.

For the commercial single use of any rendered audio versions of my MIDI files, the fee is $10 each. For the commercial multiple use, the fee is 5 cents per $1 of sales per file used.

For those usages requiring a commercial license usage fee, as noted above, please use this CLA template (a PDF file) for filling out, and submitting via email or mail. Leave its “Usage Granted Date” column blank. I will sign and date it, as well as use a diagonal line, with the “No Further Entries” comment used on it, for any blank entries left.

For my own produced conversions of my MIDI files to WAV/MP3, the rendering fee is $5, which is in addition to the MIDI file license fee of $5. Thus the total is $10.

Such files will be provided for download only (as in WAV or MP3 [192Kbps encoded] format) of any of my MIDI files using MIDI to audio rendering software. Such sale items (digitized files) will be posted for a temporary period of not more than one week on my website on a private webpage for the user to download the files from. They will be posted as soon as the payment has been received and deposited, and an email acknowledgement will be sent giving the name of the temporary webpage to download them from.

All license fees are a one-time only requirement and non-refundable. Payments of single use fees are required prior to use, and for multiple use fees, payments must be not later than yearly [by 1 February] or for each 10,000 sales, whichever comes first.


Payments must be in United States dollars ($) and can only be accepted by check (personal, or bank draft/cashier’s from a U.S bank or Credit Union). Sorry, but I cannot accept money orders, nor credit or debit cards. For checks, please allow up to five business days for processing. I will email acknowledgment of payments received if you include your email address. If you don’t then I will mail you a confirmation letter of acknowledgement.


Non-commercial users may, use my MIDI files as is or render them at no cost. Permission for non-commercial users is not required. Permission for commercial users is granted after the receipt and the depositing of their payments are acknowledged by me to them by email or mail.


Credit acknowledgement to me (Benjamin R. Tubb), my website’s name (Public Domain Music) and its URL ( are required by both non-commercial and commercial users.




I am very happy to say that despite a prolonged health crisis, my publisher, Kallisti Music Press of Philadelphia, PA, is back in business (as of 25 April 2011).  These items which I’ve copyrighted can be ordered directly from the publisher.


These primary songbooks [all letter sized (8.5”x11” with plastic comb binding)], which I’ve Edited and Compiled, are


(1)   Henry Clay Work: Complete Songs and Choruses (2002). 294 pp, $69.00 ppbk.

(2)   Arthur Clifton: Selected American Songs (2009). 60pp., $39.00 ppbk,


This following are being prepared for publication:


Anthony Philip Heinrich: Songs, Vol. VII

Anthony Philip Heinrich: The Jubilee: A Grand National Symphony Canonical (1841)


And the following are planned as e-songbooks (PDF files) during the decade:


William Shakespeare Hays: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

Frederic Woodman Root: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

George Frederick Root: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

Henry Russell: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

John Rogers Thomas: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

Henry Tucker: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

William Vincent Wallace: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

Joseph Philbrick Webster: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1

Septimus Winner: Songs and Choruses, Vol. 1


Other books, which I only transcribed/drafted for the Editor (and Publisher), Andrew Stiller, are:


(1)    Anthony Philip Heinrich:  Piano Music, Vol. V (2002) [83 pp., $39.00]

(2)    Anthony Philip Heinrich: The Columbiad or Migration of American Wild Passenger Pigeons (a Characteristic Symphony in two parts) (1858). [also known as Legiones columbarum americanarum sylvestrium oder die amerikanishche wandernde wilde Tauben-Legion] [170 pp., tabloid size (11”x17”), $139.00, April 2007]


Sheet music versions of my MIDI file transcriptions, as emailed PDF files produced with Finale, are also available at, in most cases, $5 each, except for larger works such as cantatas, or those over ten pages long (some entertainments, instrumentals, etc.) for which prices will have to be individually determined..


MusicXML file versions, or (my current) Finale file versions, are $10 each, except for larger works (see above) which will have to be negotiated.


Please make checks out to me, Benjamin R. Tubb, and mail to:


Benjamin R. Tubb

c/o Public Domain Music

321 Harbor PL SW

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-6503





Last updated 3 March 2015.