The Poetry of Benjamin Robert Tubb

My first poem was written in May 1967 in the 9th Grade. I have written approximately 500 poems since then. This page will be a brief collection of a few converted to e-text. The following statisticts on my output thru the years are:

Period(Age) Total
9th Grade(14) 8
10th Grade(15) 48
10th Grade Summer 82
11th Grade(15) 1- 62
11th Grade(16) 63-256
11th Grade Summer 33
12th Grade(16) 1- 27
12th Grade(17) 28-111
"The Future"(17) 39
Age 18 86
Age 19 14
Age 20 14
Age 21 1
Age 22 3

My future emphasis has been on music compositions for which some of my poems have either been put to music or I have made poems from my music. This page will be an ongoing project.

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This page was last updated on 17 January 2000 by Benjamin Robert Tubb.