Ragtime Piano Music

Title Music
Harlem Rag (Two Step) Tom Turpin; arranged by D. S. De Lisle
Mandy's Broadway Stroll Thomas E. Broady
A Tennessee Jubilee Thomas E. Broady
Alabana Dream George D. Barnard
Big Foot Lou Joseph Gearen
Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
The Entertainer Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
Tickled to Death (Rag Time March and Two Step) Charles H, Hunter, 1876-1906
Whistling Rufus Frederick Allen Mills
A Tennessee Tantalizer--A Ragtime Tickler Charles H. Hunter, 1876-1906
Possum and Taters (A Ragtime Feast) Charles H. Hunter, 1876-1906
Whistling Remus Thomas E. Broady
Cotton Bolls--Two Step Charles Hunter
Queen of Love--Two Step Charles Hunter
The Smokey Topaz Grace M. Bolen
A Breeze from Alabama--A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
Cleopha--March and Two Step Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
Elite Syncopations Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
The Entertainer--A Ragime Two Step Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
The Strenuous Life--A Ragtime Two Step Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
The St. Louis Rag Thomas Million Turpin
One o' Them Things! James Chapman & Leroy Smith
St. Louis Tickle "Barney & Seymour" (actually Theron C. Bennett?)
The Cascades (A Rag) Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
The Rose-bud March Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
Dill Pickles (Two Step) Charles L. Johnson
Tom and Jerry Rag [published in 1917 by Stark Music Co.] Jerre Cammack
Bugle Call Rag (Fox Trot) J. Hubert Blake, 1883-1983, and Carey Morgan
Heliotrope Bouquet--A Slow Drag Two-Step Scott Joplin with Louis Chauvin, 1868-1917
Sweet Pickles Theron C. Bennett (alias for George E. Florence)
Boone's Rag Medley No. 1 (Strains From The Alley) James William Boone, 1864-1927
Dusty Rag May Aufderheide
Fig Leaf Rag Scott Joplin, 1868-1917
Southern Rag Medley 1: Strains from the Alleys Blind Boone (aka John W. Boone)
The Stinging Bee (Rag-Time Two-Step Characteristic) Mike Bernard
Southern Rag Medley 2: Strains from the Flat Branch Blind Boone (aka John W. Boone)
The Lobster Glide Malvin M. Franklin
The Thriller Rag May Aufderheide
Chicken Reel (Two Step and Buck Dance) Joseph M. Daly
Chimes homer Denney
The Entertainer's Rag Jay Roberts
Hallowe'en (The Jack O'Lantern Rag) Arthur Manlowe
Ragtime Oriole James Scott
Encore Rag Tad Fischer
Slippery Elm Rag Clarence Woods
American Beauty Rag Jospeh F. Lamb
Pastime Rag No. 1--A Slow Drag Artie Matthews
Pastime Rag No. 2--A Slow Drag Artie Matthews
Cataract (Rag) John Hampton
The Lily Rag Charles Thompson
12th Street Rag [31 Aug] Euday L. Bowman, 1887-1949
Ragtime Nightingale Joseph E. Lamb
Bantam Step (Instumental) [Fox Trot or One-step] Harry Jentes
Efficiency Rag James Scott
Paramount Rag James Scott
Rag Sentimental James Scott
Sleepy Hollow Rag--Unique Rag Novelty Clarence Woods
New Era Rag James Scott
Peace and Plenty Rag James Scott
Troubadour Rag James Scott
Modesty Rag--A Classic James Scott
Pegasus--A Classic Rag James Scott
Don't Jazz Me Rag--I'm Music James Scott
Victory Rag James Scott
Broadway Rag--A Classic James Scott

Some recommended songbook collections are:

  • [1973] Classic Piano Rags (Complete Original Music for 81 Piano Rags) Selected and with an Introduction by Rudi Blesh; New York: Dover Publications, 1973; ISBN 0-486-20469-3.

  • [1975] Ragtime Rarities (Complete Original Music for 63 Piano Rags) Selected and with an Introduction by Trebor Jay Tichenor; New York: Dover Publications, 1975; ISBN 0-486-23157-7.

  • [1979] Ragtime Rediscoveries (64 Works from the Golden Age of Rag) Selected and with an Introduction by Trebor Jay Tichenor; New York: Dover Publications, 1979; ISBN 0-486-23776-1.

  • [1986] Ragtime Gems (Original Sheet Music for 25 Ragtime Classics) Selected and with an Introduction by David A. Jasen; New York: Dover Publications, 1986; ISBN 0-486-25248-5.

  • [1997] Cakewalks, Two-Steps and Trots for Solo Piano (34 Popular Works from the Dance-Craze Era) Edited by David A. Jasen; Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 1997; ISBN 0-486-29708-X.

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