P R E F A C E.

    If a boy gets thru his teens withoug acquiring a love for liquor, he rarely becomes a drunkard afterward. If there were no saloons for him to get started in, and no liquor that he could easily get at, his activity and love of excitement would readily find their gratification in other ways. He would be quite as ready to go to the gymnasium or to some athletic game or perhaps concert or lecture, as now to a saloon. It is good to try to save the boys from becoming drunkards, and far more hopeful.

    It is taken for granted that all know what a fearful cause for crime, pauperism and insanity, liquor drinking is, and something of the enormous expenses that these evils entail upon he community, and it is believed that all but liquor makers and dealers, and their wretched victims, desire deliverance. May the day soon come when all will see that this can only be accomplished by a total suppression of the liquor traffic.

    My first intention in this work was to confine myself to what are called "Gospel Temperance" Songs, but the considerations stated above, have induced me to add the other features which will be found in the pages following.


Copyright, 1888, The John Church Co.