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Henry Russell, circa 1840s

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Henry Russell was a popular baritone singer, composer, and pianist, born in in Sheernes, England on 24 December 1812 and died in London, England on 8 December 1900. His mother's name was Sarah Levin born in Konigsberg, Russia. He studied composition with Gioachino Antonio Rossini (1792-1868), Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini (1801-1835) and Dominico Gaetano Maria Donizetti (1797-1848), and singing with Michael William Balfe (1808-1870). During 1833-1841 he was an organist at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Rochester, NY. During 1837-1841, he toured, as a piano accompanist, for the singer William Vincent Wallace (1812-1860). He returned to England circa 1845. Rusell was married twice: first to Isabella Russell (born 1835 in the USA), and second to Hannah de Lara also known as Emma Landon Ronald, born in 1844 in Stepney, London, married in 1889. He had two brothers named J. Russell and George Henry Russell. From his first marriage, his children were Henry Loyd Russell (1837, in Albany, New York; to ???, who became a Vicar in the Anglican Church); Charles Kirkman Russell, born in 1842, died at age 3; William Clark Russell, born in 1844 in Carlton Hotel, New York, became a novelist who wrote 57 novels (his son Herber Russell, was Knighted in 1921, also a novelist and journalist reported from Gallipoli, and travelled with the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII); Frances Macella Russell, born in 1845 in Paddington, London; John Henry Russell, born in 1849 in Boulogne, France, became a diamong prospector in South Africa; and Emma Russell, born in 1854 in Boulogne, France. From his second wife, his children were Henry Ronald Russell, born in 1871-1837, becaume a opera impresario (he had two sons: Henry Tosti Russell and Sheridan Russell); Sir Landon Ronald Russell (1873-1938), composed some 200 songs. A George Alexander Russell (1880-1953) may also be related to him.

His most popular songs were Woodman! Spare That Tree! (1837), The Ivy Green (1838), The Old Arm Chair (1840), Our Native Song (1841), A Life by de Galley Fire (1848) and Cheer, Boys, Cheer! (1850).

Read contemporary comments about Russell. An excellent dissertation about him is Henry Russell in America: Chutzpah and Huzzah (1975) by John Anthony Stephens. Russell is also described on pages 60-67 of Russell Sanjek's book American Popular Music and Its Business: Vol. II (1988).

Special thanks to John Anthony Stephens (the author of the Russell dissertaion mentioned above) for sending photocopies of 37 of Russell's scores. Indeed, any such help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to Patricia Oliver for her extensive research (as of 8 Feb 2008) , as a distant relative to the Russell family, for providing invaluable Russell family info above.

Special thanks to Andrew Lamb for sending my a copy of his book Life on the Ocean Wave, a biography of Henry Russell which Patricia Oliver's info above, is partly derived from. His extensive chronological lists of Russell's works has greatly helping to authoritatively list Russell's complete works on this webpage.

NOTE: the Source* columns below refer either to: (1) The Lester S. Levy Collection by Box/Item number; (2) the Library of Congress' LCCN or CALL numbers in brackets (which can be used to request copies from the Photoduplication Services Division there); (3) if just labeled "LoC" then it is available at the American Memories webpages at the Library of Congress; (4) Duke University; (5) UNC-CH refers to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Music Library; (6) BML refers to the British Museum Music Library; Howard refers to John Tasker Howard and his book Our American Music (1929), particularly pp. 170-174.

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Dated Songs

Title Words Source*


The Toscin of War [circa] J. M. F. Dodgson London: J. Russell [BL, 15 Nov 1876]
My Broken Lute J. M. F. Dodgson London: A. Pettet [BL, 31 Mar 1871]
My Father's in the Battle Gone G. Higham London: Bedford Musical Depository


The Azure Eye [Prize Ballad] A. T. McDouall London: W. Wybrow
The Old Abbey Walls A. T. McDouall London: Musical Bouquet Albut (1856)
The Pirate's Bride J. Delma London: J. Duncombe [BL, n.d., p.n. 183]
Let Other's Rejoice in the Merry Moonlight (Bandit's Song) [Music revised for Come, Brothers, Arouse! (THE BRIDE'S BAND, 1834] Russell London: G. Walker & Sons [Times, 24 Nov 1832]
When I Rov'd a Young Highlander (from Times) [24 Nov] Lord Byron London: G. Walker & Son


Cottage Courtship Letitia Elizabeth Landon Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book of 1835 [London, (composed late 1834); dated 1835, pages 41-42]
Ivy Bridge Letitia Elizabeth Landon Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book of 1835 [London, (composed late 1834); dated 1835, pages 29-30]
The Merry Spring (circa 1834) Charles Mackey os59@UNC-CH; 116/029
The Orphan Ballad Singers (Ballad) Letitia Elizabeth Landon [Miss Tracy?] Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book of 1835 [London, (composed late 1834), dated 1835, pages 13-14]; [1842] Philadelphia: John F. Nunns


Believe Not the Tales They Have Told Thee of Me (Descriptive Ballad) Leigh Cliffe H-1320@BM; LoC
The Pirate's Bride J. Delma ???


Come Maidens Come (Song) (Tyrolien) (circa 1836-9) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889, Esq. New York: Firth & Hall; LoC; NYPL
The Dove of Noah (A Sacred Melody) (circa 1836-9) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889, Esqr. New York: Firth & Hall; LoC; NYPL
The Lady Leaves the Banquet Hall (A Romance of Palestine) (Ballad) (circa 1836) Charles Arnold, Esqr. New York: Firth & Hall; Dr.238@NLC
The Sabbath Eve (Sacred Song) (circa 1832-42) Rev. Richard Cattermole, B. D. New York: Firth & Hall
We Have Been Friends Together (Ballad) Hon. Mrs. Norton New York: J. L. Hewitt & Co.; The Book of a Thousand Songs (1918)
Some Love to Roam O'er the Dark Sea Foam (Song) [20 May] Charles Mackay Esq, 1814-1889 122/013; 122/092; (1837) ns4,3@UNC-CH
Wind of the Winter Night (Descriptive Poem) [26 Sep] Charles MacKay, 1814-1889 122/112


Come Brothers Arouse (Song)

(from the opera The Bride's Band)

William B. Bernard, Esqr. 122/018; LoC; NYPL; H-2345#378@BLM
I Love the Night (Song) [20 May] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 121/045; LoC; NYPL; H-2345#108@BLM
The Ocean, or, The Merry Mariners (Song) (aka Blow Blow Wild Winds Blow) anon. New York: Hewitt & Jaques
Washington's Tomb
(An Ode to the memory of Washington)
Mrs. L. H. Sigourney 003/155
When I Rov'd a Young Highlander (Song) George Gordon, Lord Byron, 1788-1824 063/133
Woodman! Spare That Tree! George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 121/101-8, 10-13


A Christmas Carol (aka I Care Not for Spring on His Fickle Wing) Charles Dickens (aka "BOZ") 063/023
A Life on the Ocean Wave Epes Sargent, 1812-1880 122/050; 181/143; 182/018; os60,15@UNC-CH; LoC; NYPL; H-132@BML
On the Brave Who Have Fallen No Tear We Bestow (aka The Patriot's Welcome) (Ballad) Miss Jane Anne Porter New York: Hewitt & Jaques
Our Way Across the Mountains, Ho! Charles Mackay, Esqr., 1814-1889 122/082
The Charter Oak (Ballad) [25 Feb] Mrs. Sigourney 056/012; 056/013; 056/013a; NYPL
The Corsair Boat Glee [11 May]
A GLEE for four voices.
Russell 026/023
The Ivy Green "Boz" (Charles Dickens) 063/060-1; LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
The Minstrel of the Tyrol (Song) Jonas B. Phillips, Esq. New York: James L. Hewitt; LoC; H-2345#387@BML
The Wreck of Mexico (Decriptive Ballad) H. Harrington Ref: Howard, p. 163
We Met in Other Years Love Ione reprinted in One Hundred Songs of Henry Russell, pp. 49-51


The Dying Legacy (Ballad) J. M. Church Esq. New York: Hewitt & Jaques; LoC; NYPL
The Old Bell (Ballad) 'W' 020/094


I Love, I Love the Free (Song) [27 Apr] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 125/033,40-1; os45,15@UNC-CH; LoC; NYPL; H-2345#384@BML; 100008197@LoC/IHAS-HSM
My Old Wife (Ballad) Jonas B. Phillips Esq. New York: Hewitt & Jaques
Rockaway; or, On Old Long Island's Sea-Girt Shore (Ballad) [13 Nov] Henry John Sharpe 124/065-8
The Fisher Boy Merrily Lives (Song) [13 Mar] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 123/030-1; 181/094; NYPL
The Mad Girl's Song (Descriptive Work) [28 Jul] T. C. Grattan, Esq. 055/026; LoC; NYPL; H-2345#385 & 386@BML
The Maniac (Descrtiptive Work) [2 May] Russell and Monk Lewis 055/029; 055/030; LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
The Old Arm Chair [7 Feb] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 055/041; 124/027-8; 097/228-231, 238, 240, 242, 244-5, 247-52, 254, 261-3, 266, 269-70, 272; 124/024-31, 36; 131/066
The Old Farm Gate (Ballad) [4 Dec] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 024/038-42
The Old Water Mill (aka The Old Mill Stream) (Ballad) [11 Dec] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 124/049-051
The Total S'iety (A Comic Song [11 Dec] Russell 099/065


I'm Afloat! I'm Afloat! (Song) [1 Feb] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 175/029; 181/137-8; 181/143; LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
Let's Be Gay (aka Let Us Be Gay! or The Laughing Song) (Temperance Song) [29 Oct] Russell? 098/140; LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
Major McPherson Was a Very Nice Man (Comic Song) [2 Jun] Russell? 049/049; LoC
My Mother's Bible (Ballad) [9 Aug] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 123/081; 101/086-7; LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
Nature's Fine Old Gentleman (Ballad) [11 Dec 1844] Russell? 125/082
Not Married Yet! (Comic Song) [11 May] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 New York, NY: J. F. Atwill
Oh! This Love! (After the Manner of Jesse McFarlane) [29 Dec] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 124/023; 050/070
Old King Time (Ballad) [26 Jun] Russell? 124/045
Our Native Song (A National Refrain) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 015/086
The Chieftain's Daughter (Ballad) [4 May] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 123/018-9; LoC; H-2345#74@BML
The Dismissed (Comic Song) [c1841; 26 Jan 1842] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 New York: Firth & Hall, Plate No. 305; LoC; NYPL
The Gambler's Wife (A Descriptive Ballad) Dr. R. Coates 125/021; 1884-06779@LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
The Heart That's True (Ballad) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 035/036; LoC; NYPL
The Mother Who Hath a Child at Sea (Ballad) [23 Jun] Russell? 182/070-2; LoC; Dr.27@NLC
The Old Night Lamp (aka The Rushlight) (Ballad) [2 Aug?] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 Boston: Henry Prentiss
The Old Schoolhouse (Ballad) [20 Apr] Park Benjamin, 1809-1864 124/046-7
The Old Sexton (Song) [19 Mar] Park Benjamin, 1809-1864 124/048-48a; a1889@Duke; white1-18@UNC-CH
The Pilgrim's Address to the Deity (Sacred Song) Henry John Sharpe 124/056
The Soldier and His Bride (Ballad) [21 Jul] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 016/016
We Were Boys Together (Ballad) [15 Apr] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 124/090
When the Wild Wind Blows (A Song of the Waves) Russell? Philadelphia: G. E. Blake
Will Nobody Marry Me? (aka Heigh Ho for a Husband) (Comic Song) [29 Dec] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 050/091-2; 049/118


The Founding of the Bell (Song) (c.1842-4) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Boston: Oliver Ditson; LoC; H-1320@BML
The Indian Hunter (Song) [21 Oct] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 165/010; 119/026-9; LoC; NYPL; H-1320@BML
The Old Clock (Ballad) [21 Dec] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
The Poor Man's Friend (A Descriptive Scena) [11 Oct] Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 179/019
The Ship on Fire (A Descriptive Scena) [1 Oct] Charles Mackay, Esq., 1814-1889 179/113; 183/069-70


I Love to Dwell in the Bosom's Cell (The Lay of Hope) (Song) Leigh Cliffe Esq. LoC; NYPL; London: Musical Bouquet
If I Had But a Thousand a Year; or, Robin Ruff (Ballad) [1 Dec]] Russell 049/032-3; 1875-13049@LoC; NYPL
Land Ho! (Song) [29 Jun] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 182/008; LoC
The Dream of the Reveller; or, The Three Houses (A Cantata) (Descriptive Work) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 New York: James L. Hewitt & Co.; New York: Firth & Hall; New York: Wm. Hall & Son; os35,2@UNC-CH; LoC; H-1320@BML
The First Dear Thing That I Ever Loved (Ballad) [25 Dec] Rev. A. C. Coxe Boston: E. H. Wade; LoC; NYPL
[Carlo,] The New Foundland Dog (Descriptive Ballad) [1 Dec] F. W. N. Bailey, Esqr. 182/096; 1875-13050@LoC; H-1320@BM
The Rising Sun (Ballad) Henry John Sharpe 124/064


A Life in the West (Song) [5 Sep] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 123/067; LoC; H-2345#487@BML
Oh! Weep Not (Song) (Answer to The Old Arm Chair) Charles Jefferys, 1807-1865 32278011726308@Miss.St.Univ.
South Carolina Plantation Song (aka The Tenasee Plantation Song) [12 Oct] Russell A & H, Plate No. 1839
The Main Truck or A Leap for Life (A Nautical Ballad) [24 Jun 1845] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 182/039-40; LoC; NYPL; H-2345#521 & 522@BML
The Main, the Main, the Flowing Main [3 Sep] Henry John Sharpe, Esq. 182/038



A Happy Home Is Mine A. B. Reach Boston: Oliver Ditson, Plate No. 1114
Little Fools and Big Ones ??? ???
The Pauper's Drive Thomas Noel, 1799-1861 ???
There's a Good Time Coming Boys Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
Tubal Cain (also published in 1856 from Russel's Favorites: A collection of Popular Songs) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Boston: Oliver Ditson


There's Room Enough for All (Emigration Song) E. L. [L. F.?] Blanchard, 1820-1859 The Musical Treasury: Plate No. 507-8; Boston: Oliver Ditson, Plate No. 1742


Cheer Boys Cheer Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 046/063; [1861] conf372@Duke
The Kiss (Ballad) Henry H. Paul Philadelphia: C. F. Hupfield & Son


The Slave Ship Russell 183/077
The Wife's Dream Lady Blessington Boston: Oliver Ditson, Plate No. 2286


Henry Russell's New American Quadrilles (Dance Music Embracing All the New Negro Melodies) none Boston: Oliver Ditson, Plate No. 2286
Henry Russell's Uncle Tom's Cabin Quadrille (contains: The Chase, Eliza, The Slave Sale, and Eva) none London: Musical Bouquet, No. 376
The Emmigrant's Progress Quadrille none London: Musical Bouquet, No. 375


Fresh Blows the Breeze (1856 from Russel's Favorites: A collection of Popular Songs) Russell Boston: Oliver Ditson
John Littlejohn (c1856) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Boston: Oliver Ditson
Pledge Me in Ruby Wine Russell ???
Strike, Men, Strike! S. J. Meany London: Musical Bouquet, Nos. 688-699
The Tee-Total Society (1856 from Russel's Favorites: A collection of Popular Songs) ??? Boston: Oliver Ditson
When I Was a Little Child (1856 from Russel's Favorites: A collection of Popular Songs) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Boston: Oliver Ditson
Where There's a Will There's a Way (1856 from Russel's Favorites: A collection of Popular Songs) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 Boston: Oliver Ditson


Mother Take Me to the Ball To Night [13 Jun] John Brougham London: The Music Library Company


She's From Cork ??? ???


Visions of the Past (Song and Chorus) [although omposed by "Russell", it is not confirmable if by Henry Russell. I believe it is doubtful but I like the song anyway .] Alma New York: New York Music-Publishing Co.; 15205@LoC


Our Empress Queen C. Scott ???


Victoria, Queen of Our Nation ??? ???

Undated Songs

Almighty Spirit (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
Be Not the First to Cast the Stone (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
Daily Telegraph Christmas Carol (c1845+) Clement Scott ???
Dear Janet (Ballad) (pre-1845) Frederick West 114/060; LoC
Eliza the Slave Mother (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
England's Welcome to All Nation's (c1845+) F. A. Davidson ???
Eva's Farewell (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
Fanny Mavoreen (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
Farewell to Freedom (c1845+) Henry Dayton ???
Far, Far Upon the Sea! (from the Entertainment of The Far West; or The Emigrant's Progress from the Old World to the New) (Musical Bouquet Nos. 363 & 364) (c1845+) Charles Mackay, L.L.D., 1814-1889 181/087-8
Festival Song of the World's Fair Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 039/038
Forward Onward Never Despair (c1845+) James Bath ???
Gather Ye Nations; or, The Festival of Labor (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
Gin Fiend (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
God Bless the Fire Brigade (c1845+) George Douglas Phillips 179/064
Guard Our Homes (c1845+) ??? ???
He Comes! The Shepherd Minstrel Comes (Sacred Desriptive Work) (c1830s) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Dr.235@NLC
Hope's Sepulcher (c1845+) ??? ???
Hope a Little Longer (c1845+) John Bath ???
I Love the Man With a Generous Heart (c1830s) ??? Ref: Howard, p.163
Land! Land! Land! (from the Entertainment of The Emigrant's Progress; No. 367 Musical Bouquet) (c1845+) Charles Mackay, L.L.D., 1814-1889 119/049
Little Gay Deceiver (aka The Little Maid) (c1845+ Russell ???
Little Topsy's Song (from The Musical Bouquet, No. 419) (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 119/063
Long Parted Have We Been (aka They're Coming With the Flowers) (from The Musical Bouquet, Nos. 371 & 372) (for the Entertainment The Emigrant's Progress) (c1845+) Charles Mackay, L.L.D., 1814-1889 119/064
Man the Life Boat (c1845+) Mrs. Crawford 182/046
Many Changes I Have Seen (from The Musical Bouquet, Nos. 564 & 565) (c1845+) Charles Mackay, L.L.D., 1814-1889 120/002
Mighty Niagra (c1845+) Charles Mackay, L.L.D., 1814-1889 ???
Not Lost (c1845+) Rev. J. G. Gilmore ???
Oh Why Should We Bewail the Dead (Sacred Bong) (c1830s) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 175/156
Olden Time and Present Time (c1845+) ??? ???
Poor Uncle Tome (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
Pull Away Cheerily! (The Gold Digger's Song) (from the entertainments The Two Lands of Gold and A Night in the Lands of Gold) (c1845+) Harry Lee Carter 032b/086
Quiet Little Man (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
Resignation (Sacred Ballad) (c1832-42) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 New York: Firth & Hall
Rouse, Brothers Rouse (c1845+) Charles Mackay, L.L.D, 1814-1889 Musical Bouquet Nos. 560 & 561, pp. 1-6
Sir Harold the Hunter (c1852) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 Musical Bouquet Nos. 478 & 479
Sound Britons Sound (aka The Song of Progress) (c1845+) Charles Sheard ???
Strike Men Strike (c1845+) S. J. Meany ???
Sunny Days Will Come Again (Song) (c1845+) E. Ransford Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., Plate No. 22481
Sunshine After Rain (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
Sweet Green Leaves (music, circa 1850s, by Eliza Cook, 1818-1889; sung by the Russell family in their vocal entertainments) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 London: Musical Bouquet, No. 439, pp. 23-26
The African Village (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The Azure Eye (c1845+) A. T. McDouall ???
The Ballad Singers (c1845+) Miss E. W. Tracey ???
[The] Canadian Sleigh Song (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 118/046
The Emigrant (c1845+) J. Coutts ???
The English Emigrant (c1845+) Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 ???
The Exile (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The Feast of the Despots (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The First Cannon Shot (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The Good Is Great (c1845+) Rev. J. G. Gilmore ???
The Happy Change (c1845+) L. M. Thornton ???
The Land of St. Patrick Forever (Erin-Go-Bragh) John Brougham 119/050
The Lash C. Sears Lancaster ???
The Lords of the Forest (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The Old Abbey Walls (c1845+) A. T. McDouall ???
The Parting Tear (aka Farewell a Last Farewell) (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The Sea Is Before Us (c1845+) ??? ???
The Sea King's Burial (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The Slave Auction (c1845+) E. L. Blanchard ???
The Slave Chase (c1845+) (from the Entertainment Negro Life) Angus B. Reach, Esq. London: Musical Bouquet, No. 370; 100008203@LoC/IHAS-HSM
The Slave Sale (aka Come Who Bids) (c1845+) Angus B. Reach, Esq. ???
The Song of the Shirt (c1845+) Mrs. F. A. Davidson ???
The Struggle for Fame (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The True Men of Old (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???
The World Is on the Move (c1845+) E. L. Blanchard ???
The Young and the Gay (c1845+) Rosaland Davis ???
The Song of the Scoffold (c1845+) ??? ???
Those Locks Those Ebon Locks ??? Ref: Howard, p. 163
Tis Eve on the Ocean (c1850+) ??? ???
To the West! to the West! to the Land of the Free! (from the entertainment The Emigrant's Progress, or Life in the Far West) (c1845+) Charles MacKay, 1814-1889 016/070-1
Two Boats (c1845+) Ada Cambridge ???
Up for the Night (c1845+) S. J. Meany ???
Welcome Home (c1845+) Harry Carter ???
Wery Pekooliar;o, The Lisping Lover (c1845+) ??? ???
When Is a Man Less Than a Man? (c1845+) Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 ???

Derivative Works

Title Year Words Original
A Fine Old Kentucky Gentleman c1845+ by a gentleman from South Carolina A Fine Old English Gentleman
A Sober Spouse for Me (A Temperance Fireside Song for the Ladies) [13 Jan] 1844 George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 [099/023] Some Love to Roam Over the Dark Sea Foam [099/023]
A Song for a Stormy Night c1845+ Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Our Way Across the Mountains, Ho
A Song for the Man (A Henry Clay Ballad) (aka A Song for the Chief) [11 Jul] 1844 George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 [004/015] A Brave Old Oak (melody by Loder)
By the Crimson Hue of the Fair Sunset c1845+ Leigh Cliffe Esq. I Love the Night
Come Fill the Cup c1845+ Henry John Sharpe Charter Oak
God Bless the Widow's Son c1845+ Mrs. Signourney We Have Been Friends Together
Health Is Wealth c1845+ W. Bartholomew If I Had But a Thousand a Year
Home of Her Childhood Days c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 The Lady Leaves the Banquet Hall
I'm a Gent c1845+ ??? I'm Afloat
I Love It, My Own Fireside c1845+ ??? The Old Armchair
Lament for Wellington c1845+ Eliza Cook Washington's Tomb
Let Others Rejoice in the Merry Moonlight c1845+ ??? Come Brothers Arouse
My Father's Song c1845+ Edward Gill The Dying Legacy
My Mother's Portrait c1845+ Leigh Cliffe The Old Farm Gate
My Old Cottage Home c1845+ ??? The Old Farm Gate
My Own Dear Wife c1845+ Leigh Cliffe My Old Wife
Oh! Forge Not a Chain for the Brave c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 On the Brave Who Have Fallen No Tear We Bestow; or The Patriot's Welcome
Oh Give Your Heart to Me c1845+ ??? We Have Been Friend Together
Old English Hospitality c1845+ Charles Swain Rockaway
Old King Cole c1845+ ??? Tubal Cain
So Young and So Lovely 1848 ??? The Mother Who Hath a Child at Sea
Song of the Mariners c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 I Love the Free
Song of the Southern Boys 1861 Adapted by Hermann L. Schneider [conf0372@Duke] Cheer Boys Cheer
Take the Pledge c1845+ ??? The Ivy Green
The Cry from the Courts c1845+ E. Blanchard The Slave Auction
The Emigrant's Farewell (Ballad) [23 Dec] 1842 Leigh Cliffe, Esq. [123/024-5] The Chieftain's Daughter
The Flag of the Free c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 Charter Oak
The Greenwood Tree c1845+ Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 A Christmas Carol
The Happy Days of Childhood c1845+ George Pendrill We Have Been Friends Together
The Husband's Dream c1845+ ??? The Wife's Dream
The Infinitude of Mercy c1845+ Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 The Sabbath Eve
The Old Abby Clock c1845+ Edward Gill The Old Water Mill
The Old Church Bell (or Up With the Rooks Where None Can Reach) [No. 432 Musical Bouquet, pp. 89-92] c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1819-1889 The Old Bell
The Real Staunch Teetotaler c1845+ ??? A Fine Old English Gentleman
The Reeking Still c1845+ ??? The Brave Old Oak (melody by Loder)
The Soldier's Grave c1861 D. Ottolengui; arr. by Hermann L. Schreiner [conf0368@Duke] The Old Arm Chair
The Spirit and the Stream c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 The Old Arm Chair
The Village Green [23 Dec] 1842 Leigh Cliffe The Old School House
The Wife's Song c1845+ A Lady If I Had But a Thousand a Year
The Winds Are Free c1845+ Leigh Cliffe I Love the Free
Think Not That I Forget, Love c1845+ Eliza Cook, 1818-1889 We Met in Other Years
Traitor Spare That Flag 1861 W. T. Wetmore, M. D. [016/072@Levy; 200001710@LoC/IHAS-CWM] Woodman Spare That Tree
War Song of the Texas Rangers 1855 Russell I'm Afloat
When the Tempest Flies c1845+ Charles Mackay, 1814-1889 Our Way Across the Mountain, Ho

, 1757-1815, (from "Merry Sherwood", a Robin Hood pantomime, 1795)


Title Year Words; Source* Melody/Music
A Life by De Galley Fire 1848 anon.; 017/124 Negro Melody
John Nott Why Not (Comic Song) 1837 ??? ???
My Heart's in the Highlands 1837 Robert Burns, 1759-1796; 063/092-3 Russell and ???
The Brave Old Oak (A Song of the Oak) 1837 H. F. Chorely; 122/013@Levy; 100008730@LoC/IHAS-HSM Edward T. Loder
The Fine Old English Gentleman
(A Song of the Olden Time)
1836 Russell; 148/056; 047/027 Martin Luther?
The Friar of the Olden Time (Ballad) [aka "The Holy Friar" ("I Am a Friar of Orders Gray") 1837 John O'Keefe, 1747-1833 New York: James L. Hewitt & Co.; William Reeves
The Spider and the Fly (Comic Song) (c1844) [24 Jun] 1845 Mary Botham; 106/179-80 ???


Title Year Comments Source*
Eugenie Waltz / Imperial Marzurka c1845+ piano H2345#420@BML
Indian Hunter Quick Step 1844 Arr. by Allen Dodsworth 165/011-2
Lord Dundreay Waltz c1845+ piano BML
New American Quadrilles c1845+ piano H2345#392@BML
The Rochester Union Grays Quick Step 1839 piano 056/074-5
Uncle Tom's Cabin Quadrilles c1845+ piano H2345#379@BML
Woodman, Spare That Tree! 1870 arranged anonymously for Military Band LoC


The Skeptic's Dying Lament (Sacred Song) 1838 Dr. Young and Percy B. Shelly Ref: Howard, p. 170


IL MARITO GELOSO [The Jealous Husband] [Naples' prize winner?] 1833 Naples, Italy? Ref: Lamb: p. 346
The Bride's Band 1834 various Ref: Lamb: p. 346


Title Year Comments
The Singers Friend: A Treatise on the Art of Singing [aka L'AMICO DEI CANTANTI] 1835 London: G. Luff [30 Aug 1860[; New York: Firth & Hall, 1 Franklin Square
Henry Russell's Vocal Music 1843 H1320@BM
Music Treasury. Vol. 4, Songs of Henry Russell 1846 London: G. H. Davidson; H2350@BM
One Hundred Songs by Henry Russell 1856 London: Musical Boquet; D856@BM; 11601b33@BM[1855]; (C374@BM[1860]; E1711@BM[1878])
Cheer, Boys, Cheers! (Memories of Men and Music) 1895 autobiography; London: John Maqueen [also Da Capo Reprint]; and Best Books (ISBN 0722262310, 1 Jan 2001)

A Life on the Ocean Wave
A Life on the Ocean Wave: The Story of Henry Russell
by Andrew Lamb (Croydon, UK: Fullers Wood Press, July 2007)
384 pp., (price thru booksellers) 40 pounds sterling
ISBN-10: 095241961
ISBM-13: 978-0952414964
Please contact him directly for any more info.

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