State Songs of the United States of America

    The official state songs of the United States of America are listed below with reference to the years the songs were copyrighted and/or published (which ever came first) but NOT (unless not known) the year they were adopted as official state songs. Thus their public domain status is more easily confirmed. Only those songs in the public domain will be posted here however.

NOTE: Currently in the USA, a song must have been copyrighted prior to 1923 to be in the Public Domain. Being LISTED on this webpage does NOT imply the public domain status of any song. ONLY its copyright year can infer that!

    If anyone can help me obtain public domain sheet musit copies of any of the songs not posted, or give me more info about their lyrics, lyricists and/or composers, the help would be very appreciated.

State Year Title Words Music
Alabama 1931 Alabama Julia S. Tutwiler Edna Gockel Gussen
Alaska 1985 Alaska's Flag Marie Drake Elinor Dusenbury
Arizona 1915 Arizona Margeret Rowe Clifford Maurice Blumenthal
Arkanzas 1987? Arkansas Wayland Holyfield Wayland Holyfield
California 1951 I Love You, California F. B. Silverwood A. F. Frankenstein
Colorado 1915 Where the Columbine Grows A. J. Flynn A. J. Flynn
Connecticut 1767 Yankee Doodle anon. anon.
Delaware 1925 Our Delaware George B. Hynson M. S. Brown
Florida 1851 The Swanee River [aka Old Folks at Home] Stephen Collins Foster Stephen Collins Foster
Georgia 1930 Georgia on My Mind Stuart Gorrell Hoagy Carmichael
Hawaii 1967 Hawaii Ponoi King David Kalakana Prof. Henry Berger, the Royal Bandmaster
Idaho 1931 Here We Have Idaho McKinley Helm & Albert J. Tompkins Sallie Hume-Douglas
Illinois 1925 Illinois C. H. Chamberlain Archibald Johnston
Indiana 1897 On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away Paul Dresser Paul Dresser
Iowa 1911 The Song of Iowa [Iowa State Song] S. H. M. Byers Tune: Tannenbaum
Kansas 1873 Home on the Range Dr. Brewster M. Higley Daniel F. Kelly
Kentucky 1853 My Old Kentucky Home Stephen Collins Foster Stephen Collins Foster
  • ????
  • 1940
  • Give Me Louisana
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Doralice Fontane
  • Jimmy Davis
  • Dr. John Croom
  • Charles Mitchell
Maine 1937 State of Maine Song Roger Vinton Snow Roger Vinton Snow
Maryland 1861 Maryland, My Maryland James Ryder Randall James Ryder Randall
Massachusetts 1966 All Hail to Massachussetts Arthur J. Marsh Arthur J. Marsh
Michigan 1937 Michigan, My Michigan William Otto Miessner & Douglas M. Malloch Tune: Tannenbaum
Minnesota 1905 Hail Minnesota anon. aono.
Mississippi 1962 Go, Mississippi Houston Davis Houston Davis
Missouri 1914 Missouri Waltz J. R. Shannon John Valentine Eppel
  • 1945
  • 1983
  • Montana
  • Montana Melody
  • Charles C. Cohan
  • LeGrande and Carleen Harvey
  • Joseph E. Howard
  • LeGrande Harvey
Nebraska 1967 Beautiful Nebraska Jim Fras Jim Fras
Nevada 1933 Home Means Nevada Bertha Raffetto Bertha Raffetto
New Hampshire 1949 Old New Hampshire Dr. John F. Holms Maurice Hoffmann
New Jersey 1961 I'm From New Jersey [unofficial] Red Mascara Red Mascara
New Mexico 1917 O, Fair New Mexico Elizabeth Garrett Elizabeth Garrett
New York   I Love New York Steve Karmen Steve Karmen
North Carolina 1927 The Old North State William Gaston Mrs. E. E. Randolph
North Dakota 1926 North Dakota Hymn James W. Foley Tune: The Austrian Hymn; Arr. by Dr. C. S. Putnam
Ohio 1918 Beautiful Ohio Ballard MacDonald [special lyrics by Wilbert B. McBride, 1989] Robert A. King [Mary Earl?]
Oklahoma 1953 Oklahoma Oscar Hammerstein II Richard Rogers
Oregon 1927 Oregon, My Oregon J. A. Buchanan Henry B. Murtagh
Pennsylvania 1990 Pennsylvania Eddie Khoury Ronnie Bonner
Rhode Island 1996; Rhode Island's It for Me Charlie Hall Maria Day; Arr. by Kathryn Chester
South Carolina 1911 Carolina Henry Timrod Anne Custin Burgess
South Dakota 1943 Hail! South Dakota! DeeCourt Hammitt DeeCourt Hammitt
Tennessee 1935
When It's Iris Time in Tennessee
My Homeland, Tennessee
My Tennessee
Tennessee Waltz
Rocky Top
Willis Wade Newman
Nell Grayson Taylor
Frances Hannah Tranum
Redd Stewart
Vivian Rorie
Willis Wade Newman
Roy Lamont Smith
Frances Hannah Tranum
Pee Wee King
Felice Bryant
Vivian Rorie
Texas 1929 Texas, Our Texas William J. Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright William J. Marsh
Utah 1895
Utah, We Love Thee
Utah...This Is the Place (3:40)
Evan Stephens
Sam and Gary Francis
Evan Stephens
Gary Francis
Vermont ????
Hail, Vermont
These Green Mountains
Diane Martin
Diane Martinl Arr. by Rita Burglass
Virginia 1878 Carry Me Back to Old Viginia James Allen Bland James Allen Bland
Washington 1959 Washington, My Home Helen Davis Helen Davis; Arr. by Stuart Churchill
West Virginia
  • 1963
  • 1963
  • 1963
  • The West Virginia Hills
  • This Is My West Virginia
  • West Virgina, My Home Sweet Home
  • Mrs. Ellen King
  • Iris Bell
  • Julian G. Hearne, Jr.
  • H. E. Engle
  • Iris Bell
  • Julian G. Hearne, Jr.
Wisconsin 1909 On, Wisconsin J. S. Hubbard and Charles D. Rosa William T. Purdy
Wyoming 1955 Wyoming C. E. Winter G. E. Knapp

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