The Music of Thomas Martin Towne
(1835 - circa 1912)

NOTE: special thanks to (1) I thank Charles Ten Brink for initially requesting I sequence one of Towne's songs which led me to further discover and enjoy more of his music; and, (2) Dave Miller who sent me his extensive biographical and works research on the composer's life and music.

Thomas Martin Towne was born on 30 May 1835 in Colerain, Franklin County, Massachusetts and died circa 1912. His parents were Arad Towne (1791-1875) and Tryphenia McCloud (1797-1871). He married twice. In the 1850s he married his first wife Lucy Annn Millington and they had six children. He married his second wife on 8 Jun 1867, Isabel Electra Kellogg (born 1 Jun 1844 in Wisconsin). They had three children: Walter Washburn Towne, Willis Hiram Towne and Bessie Towne. His wife also wrote Sunday school books and edited several Sunday school papers besides writing lyrics for some of her husbands songs using the pseudonymns Mrs. Thomas Martin Towne, Mrs. E. S. Kellogg, and Belle Kellogg. At one time he was a member of the singing group, The Continentals, as well as being a doctor, teacher and composer. Among his most popular songs was "Old Abe" the Battle Eagle (1865).

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Title Words Source
Unkown Dates
De Charming Molly Kane----
The Wise Old Bachelor----
Take Your Harps From Silent Willows,
or "Union One--As Is the Sea" [c1862; 21 Jan 1863]
George Pope Morris, Esq., 1804-1864 200002097@LoC/IHAS-CWM
The Slaves Consolation; or,
I'll Neber Hoe de Cotton Any More
James Roberts Gilmore, 1822-1903
(from Among the Pines)
His Country Needs Him More Than I [c1863; 11 Jan 1864] M. P. 200002087@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Just Across the Narrow River (No. 5 from Concert Gems) Lilly Waters Chicago: H. M. Higgins, 117 Randolph St.
O Touch Not My Sisters Picture;
or, The Confession of a Rebel Prisoner [9 Dec]
Mrs. E. S. Kellogg 089/061@Levy; 200002091@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Old Friends Meet Together (Song & Chorus) Towne Chicago: H. M. Higgis, 117 Randolph St.
The Plains of Tennessee (Song & Chorus) [On Picket Guard, at Stone River] [c1863; 11 Jan 1864] Sargt. T. Holingsworth (of the Second Battalion, Pioneer Brigade) 200002095@LoC/IHAS-CWM
The Union League, or Our Hearts Are With the Nation (Quartette and Chorus) anon. 200002088@LoC/IHAS-CWM
There's a Dear Vacant Spot on My Pillow (Ballad) Towne Chicago: H. M. Higgins
We Wait Beneath the Furnace Blast (Quartette) (from Concert Gems, No. 5 of 6) [c1863; 11 Jan 1864] John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807-1892 200002089@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Gracious Spirit, Love Divine (Hymn) John Stocker, 1776 The Tabernacle: No. 184a
My Father's Half-Bushel (Comic Song) Towne 053/007
Welcome Song of the 40th Wisconson Volunteers [10 Oct] Lieut. Sanford Fillmore Bennett, 1836-1898 200002099@LoC/IHAS-CWM
When Will My Darling Boy Return? (Song & Chorus) [5 Mar] Mrs. E. S. Kellogg 200002100@LoC/IHAS-CWM
By-and-By (Song) [28 Dec] L. J. Bates [M1621.T]; 52-53280
Freedom's Harvest Time (Song & Chorus) [30 Oct] L. J. Bates, Esq. 200002090@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Mary'll Meet Me at the DoorTowne131/033
"Old Abe," the Battle EagleL. J. Bates005/066; scsm@LoC
Our Boys Are Coming HomeTowne089/091
Our Boys Are Home to Stay (A Sequel to Our Boys Are Coming Home)[28 Dec]Mrs. E. S. Kellogg200002094@LoC/IHAS-CWM; unk84-49364
That Missing Voice (Song with Chorus) [28 Dec]Mrs. E. S. Kellogg200002098@LoC/IHAS-CWM; 52-49140
Cream City Waltznone[M32.T]; unk84-206690
Girls Take CareTowneunk84-201721
I'm Alway's Your Lovin' Katreen; or, Katrina's Story [19 July]Mrs. Maud L. Brainard[M1621.T]; unk84-200572
My Darling's Little Shoes (A Pathetic Ballad)(with Chorus, ad lib.)anon.Songs of Yesterday: pp. 243-246
The Old Church Choir [20 Sep.]Mrs. L. Hawley[M1621.T]; unk84-194185
A Sweet Little Child [9 Jun]Rev. C. HartleyThe Triumph:p. 114
Dear Home (S. M.) (Hymn) [9 Jun] TowneThe Triumph:p. 212
Freedom and Truth [9 Jun] (Quartet and Chorus) R. A. C.The Triumph:p. 366
Little Acts of Kindness [9 Jun]TowneThe Triumph:p. 105
O Praise the Lord [9 Jun]TowneThe Triumph:p. 316
Sing Unto the Lord [9 Jun]TowneThe Triumph:p. 299
Softly Fades the Twilight Ray [9 Jun] (Quartet, Solo, and Chorus) TowneThe Triumph:p. 363
The Old ThresholdMiss Josephine Furman[M1621.T]; unk84-62029
Who Is Thy Neighbor? (Chant) [9 Jun] Robert CoffinThe Triumph:p. 390
Hurrah! for the Camp in the Glade (Quartett and Chorus) Alfred B. Street The Pacific Glee Book: p. 10
Grannie's Trust anon. The Pacific Glee Book: p. 44
To-day L. J. Bates Esq. The Pacific Glee Book: p. 64
The Old Log Hut (Quartet and Chorus) R. Sinclair The Pacific Glee Book: p. 74
Pinning for the Old Fireside Josephine Furman The Pacific Glee Book: p. 117
Love Me Dearest Mrs. Rev. Pancoast The Pacific Glee Book: p. 168
I Would Not Die Early (Duet and Chorus) Mrs. Elect[r?]a Stratton (Washburn) Kellogg The Pacific Glee Book: p. 176; reprinted in The Prize, 1870
Those Sweet Blue Eyes Rev. C. Hartley The Pacific Glee Book: p. 186
Rest, But Not Here (Quartet) Lena The Pacific Glee Book: p. 192
Kick Him When He's Down Towne The Pacific Glee Book: p. 208
O Ye Rain! Mrs. E. J. Flanders The Pacific Glee Book: p. 224
I Would Not Die Early (Duet and Chorus) [20 Apr]E. S. KelloggThe Prize: p. 175
Lake Forest Marzurka [5 July]none06378@LoC
The Flies' Revel (Arr. by Frederic Woodman Root as Piano Piece No. 25)none100003592@HSM/LoC
We Should Hear the Angels SingingTowneLoC
Isabella Schottischenoneam3984@Mills
The Model ChurchJ. G. Saxe133/135
We Live for Those We LoveC. B. HargerLoC
Barkis Is Willin' (Serio Comic)Miss Allie HayerLoC
Oh! Let Not Thy Heart Be Sighing (c1873)Alice Hayner1874-06573@LoC
Pitty the Poor Beggar Girl"A" [Alice Hayner]LoC
Railroad MonopolyRev. J. W. Carhart059/028
We Shall Meet and Love in HeavenBella FrenchLoC
Friendless!O. A. CurtissLoC
Lost and Saved
(Dramatic Cantata in 3 Acts)
The Moneyless ManHenry StantonLoC
Good Will (Hymn)Margarette W. SnodgrassLoC
In God's Name (Hymn)Eben Eugene Rexford, 1848-191613824@LoC
God's Wonderful Love (Hymn) Rev. J. B Atchinson International Lesson Hymnal by David C. Cook; reprinted in The (Enlarged) Morning Light: p. 114, by Solomon S. Straub (1882)
'Twas Rum That Spoiled My Boy Reverend L. F. Cole LoC
The Little Newsboy [c1878; copy. 1879] Mrs. V. J. Kent 1879-00478@LoC
Iola of the Dell [December]Eliza M. Sherman20082@LoC
Oh, Mystical River! [6 Dec]Fannie I. Kennish18868@LoC
We Will Never Sip Wine or BeerTownereprinted in Beginners Songs (1902): No. 78
The Rescue of Harry Gray (Dramatic Contata) A. J. Foxworth BLL01004707348@BritishLibrary
Is Rum to Be King [5 Dec.]Mattie Pearson Smith20588@LoC
Our Boys Are in Danger! (Battle/Temperance Song)Towne18152@LoC
Something for Jesus (Hymn)Eben Eugene Rexford, 1846-1916The (Enlarged) Morning Light!: p. 99 by Solomon W. Straub
Teach Me (Hymn)Towne: p. 38 from The (Enlarged) Morning Light! by Solomon W. Straub
Winnie DellRev. A. A. Hoskin16618@LoC
One More Struggle Rev. A[bner?]. A. Hoskin, 1831-1883+ Temperance Battle Songs! by S[olomon]. W. Straub, pp. 12-13
Savior, I Will Trust Thee Towne Living Fountain by S. W. Straub, page 103
The Golden Time Is Now [2 Jun] Towne 11187@LoC
The Gurgle of of the Jug (from Musical Gems, Vocals, No. 5) [11 Aug.] Towne 05272@LoC
To-morrow [2 Jun] W. E. Penn 11188@LoC
We'll Soon Be Home Eben Eugene Rexford, 1848-1916 Living Fountain by S. W. Straub, pages 172-3
When the Pearly Gates Unfold Ira J. Bailey Living Waters: by S. W. Straub, page 140
The Old Songs My Dear Mother Sung Mathew P. Brady, Esq. 12149@LoC
Action! Action! Action! (for Temperance Occasions) Towne Beautiful Songs! by Solomon W. Straub, page 155
Beautiful, Beautiful Life [Song and Chorus] Ella McCafferty Beautiful Songs! by Solomon W. Straub, pages 84-85
The Beautiful River (Good as Solo and Chorus) Mrs. C. L. Shacklock Beautiful Songs! by Solomon W. Straub, pages 50-51
A Woman's Question Mary T. Lathrop Chicago: S. W. Straub & Co.
Easy Polka none Chicago: S. W. Straub & Co.
Our Hammock Is Swinging Mrs. Thomas Martin Towne Chicago: S. W. Straub & Co.
Pioneer Preacher Rev. L. F. Cole Chicago: S. W. Straub & Co.
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Adaline Hohf Beery 100009427@HSM/LoC; Chicago: S. W. Straub
Liberty and UnionSamuel Fallows (1835-1922)39-18946
The Pioneer Pedagogue (from Concert Numbers for Costuming, No. 1) [31 Dec.]C. A. Murch[M1509.T74P5]; unk84-143747
The Quiltin' Bee (Character Sketch for Soprano, Contralto, Tenor & Base) [20 Feb.]C. A. Murch[M1509.T74Q5]; unk84-182938
The Enchanted WoodTowneunk84-131663
I Gave a Cup of Water Towne Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, p. 139
I Will Praise the Name of Jesus Philip Doddbridge, 1702-1751 Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, pp. 96-97
I'll Stand By My School Belle Kellogg Towne Bright Light [1893] by Solomon W. Straub, p. 201; Uncle Sam's School Songs [1904]: p. 194
Never Mind Rev. Henry Burton, M. A. Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, p. 169
Singing to the Lord Mrs. C. L. Shacklock Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, pp. 132-133
The Sparrow's Fall I. B. Mitchell Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, p. 91
We Come, Come Again (Opening Song) Adeline Hohf Beery Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, pp. 88-89
We're Children of a King Mrs. Adeline Hohf Beery Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, p. 54
Work for the Master Adeline Hohf Beery Bright Light by Solomon W. Straub, p. 77
He Shall Guide MeDavid C. CookNo. 174 from Uplifting Songs, New and Old
Wonderful LoveRev. J. B. AtchinsonUplifting Songs New and Old: p. 187, No. 175
The Sheppard's Call
(Exercise for children's day...)
Christ Is All the World to Me (Melody from the Scotch Air Annie Laura originally arranged by Finley Dun (1795-1853) in 1838) (Arr. by Towne)anonymous (first appeard in 1869, from The Revivalist by Joseph Hillman and L. Hartsough)No. 111 from Kingdom of Song Edited by Thomas Miles Bowdish
Trim Your Lamp [Ref. the Bible, Matt. V:16]Lena Elizabeth Griswold (1879-1930+)Kingdom of Song: p. 11, Edited by Thomas Miles Bowdish
When the Regiment Came Back [8 May]Ella Wheeler Wilcox (from Harper's Weekly, 1898)[M1644.T]; unk84-182128
Photographic Courtship [11 Sep.]Amos R. Wellsunk84-143749
Getting Ahead of Santa Claus (music with John P. Hamilton) (Christmas Cantata) [20 Nov.]Lizzie de Armond, Belle Kellogg Towne, Edith Sanford Tillotson, and others[M2190.H225]; unk84-109780
Around the World with Santa Claus (Cantata)Ida Scott TaylorUniv. Colorado


Title Words Source
A Chime of Silver Bells Julia H. Johnston Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing
Santa Claus' Dream Belle K. Towne Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
The Crowning of Christmas Ida Reed Smith Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
The Lesson of the Lillies (Easter Concert Exercise) Fannie E. Newberry Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
The Pilgrim's Vision (Easter Concert Exercise) Fannie E. Newberry Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
Chaplets for Children's Day (Children's Day Exercises) Fannie E. Newberry Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
Hearts of Gold (Children's Day Exercises) Ida Reed Smith Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
Garnered Sheaves (Harvest Home Cantata) Fannie E. Newberry Chicago, IL: David C. Cook Publishing Co.
Message of Christmas [1885] ??? Boston: Oliver Ditson and Company


Title Year Words/Comments Source*
Choir Anthems
(A collection of new anthems, chants, etc., for use in public worship)
1880 Towne; 159 pages unk84-114904
Temperance Anthems
(A collection of anthems, quartets, duets and choice musical compositions...)
1881 Towne unk84-155554
Sabbath Songs
(for the use of Sabbath schools, social meetings, and the services of the church)
1886 with David Caleb Cook (1850-1927); 160 pages unk84-136787
Liberty and Union:
A Cyclopedia of Patriotism: Embracing the Best Oratory, Poetry and Music Relating to the American Republic, Together with a Vast Amount of Political, Historical and Miscellaneous Information, Statistics, Tables, Etc., Etc., Pertaining to the National and State Governments ...
1889 with Samuel Fallows; 512 pages H. J. Smith & Co.
Anthems of Joy
(A new collection of choice, new and selected anthems for church choirs)
1891 Towne; 208 pages unk84-84-46030
Towne's Enunciator or Choir Companion 1898 Towne unk84-125726
The King's Message in Song
(for use in the Sunday school, and all the services of the church)
1901 edited with Charles Boaz; 128 pages mus01-68
Pentecostal Hymns
(Nos. 3 and 4)
circa 1902-1907 2 vols. in 1; edited with Henry Date, Elisha A. Hoffman (1839-1929), Tullius Clinton O'Kane (1830-1912), W. W. Bently 16-7630

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