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Henry Tucker was born in 1826 and died at 55 on 10 February 1882 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. His wife's name was Mary and they had three children: one daughter, the eldest, and two boys. He sang bass in the choir of St. John's Chapel on Varick Street, New York City in 1861. During 1850 to 1882 he wrote approximately 121 songs and one cantata, Joseph in Egypt, in 1870. His most popular songs were Weeping Sad and Lonely, or, When This Cruel War Is Over (1863), Jeff in Petticoats (1865), and Sweet Genevieve (1869).

Special Thanks to Dave Miller, for his Tucker biographical and list of works info.

Title Words Source


The Forest Queen [15 Aug] E. C. Hine, USN 472040@LoC
The Maiden's Tear [21 Sep] J. R. Meeker, Esq. 471400@LoC


The Kingston Waltz none 670830@LoC; New York: Firth, Pond & Co.
The Undine Polka [7 May] none 151430@LoC; New York: Firth, Pond & Co.


Agnes May Anson G. Chester 740340@LoC; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 2278
Agnes May (Arr. for Guitar) [c1853; Copy. filed 13 Jun 1854] Anson G. Chester [M1.A13 T]; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 2478
Clarendon (Hymn, C.M.) [6 Jul] Tucker from page 128 of The Shaum: A Library of Church Music by William B. Bradbury and George F. Root
Cleon and I New York Observer 1881-09994@LoC
Devizes (Hymn (1745), C.M.) [Arr. by Tucker] [6 Jul] Tucker from page 114 of The Shaum: A Library of Church Music by William B. Bradbury and George F. Root
Francis Skiddy Polka none 181/099
The Wind Is a Bachelor Model American Courier 1881-09995@LoC


Gold Fish Schottisch n/a [M1.A13 T]; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 2889
Leave Us Not Tucker 1883-04085@LoC
Minnie Gray [13 Jan] Sydney Dyer 561540@LoC


Come Maiden With Me (Serenade of the Corsair) Tucker 1883-16736@LoC
Give Me But Thy Heart Tho Cold (Ballad & Chorus) Henry Tucker? 781090@LoC; New York: Firth, Pond & Co.
Jennie is Waiting For Me George B. Pennock 175/052
Our Village Home (by Augustus Rogers; Arr. Tucker) anon. 128/145
Star of the Evening (Song and Chorus) (Melody by James M. Sayles; Arr. by Tucker) (also as a Duett from The Dulciana)(aka Beautiful Star) James M. Sayles 128/078; (Duet) 1883-01938@LoC
The Corsair Schottisch n/a 1883-12454@LoC
The Grave of Flora John Farrenberg 1883-12460@LoC
The Peeley Guards Quickstep
(featuring Agnes May; arr. C. Rapp)
none 167/044
Whimsical Polka [12 Feb.] n/a [M1.A13 T]; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 3090
Willow Spring [c1855] ???? 18??


Come Willie Dear I'm Weeping Now (Scotch Ballad) N. Frank White 1884-02468@LoC
Our Own Robbie Burns [1 Dec] Alfred B. Street, Esqr. 601010@LoC; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 4046
Softly Blows the Night Breeze (Melody by Augustus Rogers; Arr. by Tucker) [6 Feb]Augustus Rogers? 600400@LoC; Albany, NY: J. H. Hidley, no plate number
The Agnes May Quickstep [22 Apr.] n/a [M1.A13 T]; Albany, NY: J. H. Hidley, no plate number
The Angels Are Here [4 Sep] Hiram Rich 601340@LoC; Albany, NY: J. H. Ridley, no plate number
The Willow Dell (Polka Redowa) [26 Sep] n/a 300330@LoC; Albany: J. H. Hidley, no plate number


Alone on the Heather; or, The Stolen Child [7 Nov] anonymous? 620050@LoC; Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., Plate No. 18111
Columbia Springs Schottisch [arr. by Tucker] n/a 163/004


Be Good When You Can Tucker [ML96 .T884]
Call the Children Early [23 Mar.] Tucker [M1.A13 T]; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 4387
Columbia Rules the Sea Josiah D. Canning 012/050
Memory Bells; or, Darling! How Can I Forget Thee? Tucker 193/053@Levy (songsheet, 1858); New York: Wm A. Pond & Co., no plate number, 1863
Stand by the Flag Jonathan N. Wilder, Esq. 016/030
Star of the Morning F.G. Russell 128/080
The Fireman's Child Gardiner Coyne 179/038


The Irishman's Shanty (Comic Song with Imitations) Tucker 050/045@Levy


Do Not Heed Her Warning Thomas Manahan 130/044
Ever of Thee (Melody by Foley Hall; Arr. by Tucker) George Linley 130/059
Here and ThereTucker [ML96 .T884]
Mary's Welcome Home George Pope Morris [M1.A13 T]; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 4901
No Thank You Sir, or, Fairy May C.W. Goodhart 131/056
Serenade Quickstep
(introducing Come Maiden With Me)
none [M1.A13 T]
Sweetest Love, I'll Not Forget Thee (Song) [21 Sep.] Tucker [M1.A13 T]; New York: Firth, Pond & Co., Plate No. 4973


America, My Country 'Tis of Thee
[Mason (1832), Carey (1744); Tune=God Save the Queen; Tucker]
Samuel Francis Smith (1831)LoC
The Rataplan????[M1628 .R26 (Case)]


Aggie Asthore (arr. by George T. Evans, 1837-1876) Benjamin Cotton sfpl000577@ucb
Call Me Not Back From the Echoless Shore
(Reply to Rock Me to Sleep, Mother)
Charles Carroll Sawyer 130/024
Weeping Sad and Lonely or When This Crue War Is Over Charles Carrol Sawyer 090/138


Bow of Promise Josiah D. Canning 129/021
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die E. Bowers 087/108
Flirtation Tucker 18??
Hope On -- Hope for Ever! (Brilliant Variations on Henry Tucker's Beautiful Song Weeping Sad and Lonely; or, When This Cruel War Is Over) by Charles Grobe none 092/029
I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted (Answer to "Weeping, Sad and Lonely") (music by B. Frank Walters; arr. for Guitar by Henry Tucker) [2 Sep] Ednor Rossiter 200002171@LoC/IHAS-CWM
It's All Up in Dixie Tucker 088/100
My Emma Louise [by Charles Carroll Sawyer; arr. by Tucker] Charles Carroll Sawyer 053/006
Weeping, Sad and Lonely; or, When This Cruel War is Over Charles Carroll Sawyer 090/137


Dear Mother, I've Come Home to Die (Melody by Henry Tucker) (With Brilliant Variations for Piano) by Charles Grobe none 091/072
My Boy! How Can I See You Die? (Reply to Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die) [25 Nov] Louise Barrow 200002148@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Oh! Let Him Rest
(A Tribute to Stephen Foster)
James T. Dudley 068/033
Our Color GuardThomas Diehl, Esq. 089/096


I Know My Mother's Hand [16 Jun] W. Dexter Smith Jr. 200002144@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Jeff in Petticoats George Cooper 088/103
Lost Star of My Home J.I. McEvily b2025@Duke
The Boys That Wear the Blue Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder 200002141@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Violets Under the Snow C.H.H. Pannell 131/145
We Never Can Forget It; or, The Memories of Andersonville Prison Pens Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder 200002150@LoC/IHAS-CWM; 200002110@LoC/IHAS-CWM; [M1640.T]
When Fenians Fight for Freedom Henry Wood 100009463@HSM/LoC


Come From Afar Thou Birdling of Beauty Josephine Pollard [M1621.T]; New York: Wm. A. Pond & Co., Plate No. 6310
Oh! Touch Not the Wine Cup, Dear Brother Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder 130/097A
Waiting for the Loved One Josephine Pollard 131/146
We'll Go With Grant Again (The Song of the "Sons of Monroe") George Cooper 100009462@HSM/LoC; 200002108@LoC/IHAS-CWM


My Own Darling (Sequel to Nora O'Neal [by Will S. Hays]) (Song and Chorus) George Cooper, 1838-1927 New York, NY: J. L. Peters



Popular Songs, Duetts, Trios, Sacred Pieces, &c.








Published by WILLIAM A. POND & CO., No. 547 Broadway.
[16 September 1867]

Josephine Pollard p. 13
Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder p. 16
Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder p. 20
  • Our Uncle Sam [melody, slightly altered, from Tucker's Jeff in Petticoats, 1865)
Mrs. Mary Ann Kidder p. 54
Tucker p. 57-59
  • Come From Afar Thou Birdling of Beauty [see Tucker's 1866 song version]
Josephine Pollard p. 62
  • Stand By the Flag (National Anthem) [see Tucker's original 1858 version]
Johnathan N. Wilder, Esq. p. 130
  • Comrades Touch the Elbow (Song of the [3rd Company] 7th Regiment N.Y.S.M. [New York State Militia?] [National Guard]) (Music--anon., 1862; Arranged for this work)
anonymous, 1862 p. 132
W. C. Baker p. 144
Mrs. C. M. Pray pp. 146-147
Mrs. Francis "Fanny" Jane (Crosby) Van Alstyne, 1820-1915 p. 164-166
Fanny Crosby [Mrs. Francis Jane (Crosby) Van Alstyne, 1820-1915] p. 167
Josephine Pollard p. 206
Josephine Pollard p. 208
W. Bennett p. 216
Pull the Bobbin, the Latch Will Fly Up Josephine Pollard 100009460@HSM/LoC
That Sweet Face Has a Smile for Me [c1867, 21 March 1868]W. C. Baker[M1621.T]; Milwaukee: H. N. Hempstead, Plate No. 368#4
The Ferry of the HudsonJosephine Pollard[M1621.T]; New York: W. Jennings Demorest
The Fire and Cloud (Hymn) Josephine Pollard Apples of Gold: Pictures of Silver, No. 58, (New York: Mason Brothers); The Silver Spray by W. H. Doane: p. 93 (Cincinnati: John Church & Co.)


'Tis Evening Brings My Heart to TheeFrancis Jane Crosby, 1820-1915 131/138
Darling Bessie of the LeaTucker????
General Grant's The ManGeorge Cooper, 1838-1927006/035
Old John Bourbon (Song and Chorus) [29 July] (for the August issue of S. F. Hathaway's Brooklyn Journal)George Cooper, 1838-1927[M1622.T]
Write to Me Over the Water [1 Dec.] (Song and Chorus)anon.[M1621.T]; Milwaukee: H. N. Hempsted, Plate No. 381#4


Joy-Bells (Hymn) (reprinted in 1875, No. 59 in Brightest and Best by Lowry and Doane) Josephine Pollard, 1834-1892 (New York & Chicago: Biglow and Main); [M2196 .T]
One at Home Who Thinks of MeHenry M. HuntLondon: Hopwood & Crew, Plate No. 965
Sweet Genevieve [26 May]George Cooper, 1838-1927????
The Fairest Lily There (Ballad) Josephine Pollard 100009455@HSM/LoC


Come Again Sweet LoveGeorge Cooper, 1838-1927132/079
Darling Bessie of the Lea
[arr. Napoleon W. Gould]
Joseph in Egypt (cantata) [c1870]George Cooper, 1838-1927[M2023.T9 J5]
Let's Go and Take a StewTuckerLoC
Meet Me Nannie! Blued-eyed Nannie!William W. LongLoC
No Love So Sweet As Thine (Song and Chorus) Tucker 100009458@HSM/LoC
On the Soft Wings of Love [circa 1870]W. M. CookLondon: Hopwood & Crew, Plate No. 2150
Stay Home With Me To-night, TomGeorge Steyne099/033
Sunshine on the Sea (Ballad)TuckerLoC
The Grayhill Plaid (A Scotch Song)James BallantineLoC


Ah! Do Not ForgetTuckerLoC
All in the Mist of the MorningGeorge Cooper, 1838-1927132/006A
Alone By the Sea-SideWilliam Marion Cook04383@LoC
Come, Darling, Rest Your Little HeadSamuel N. Mitchell, 1847-190504374@LoC
I'll Never Go Back On the BoysJohn M. RickardLoC
I Am Not Angry With You, Dearest (Song and Chorus) (Answer to Don't Be Angry With Me Darling) George Cooper, 1838-1927 100009457@HSM/LoC
My Mother's Wedding RingSamuel N. Mitchell, 1847-190507784@LoC
Only HopeTuckerLoC
The Heathen Chinee Musical Album (15 songs)????[M1977.H7 T]
The Land Beyond the SeaCatherine A.V.B. AdamsLoC
The Little Old WomanGeorge Cooper, 1838-1927 105/96
Thy Gentle EyesMiss Emily PittLoC
Under the Beautiful BlossomsArthur W. FrenchLoC


Beautiful Dreams Linger Near Me (Song and Chorus) Arthur W. French 100009454@HSM/LoC
I Have Missed You Mollie DarlingArthur W. French133/026


The Silver Slipper Samuel N. Mitchell, 1847-1905 186/049A


Don't Forget the Old FolksTucker 132/101


He Is Not Here! (Ballad)C.O. ClaytonLoC


Close Her Eyes TenderlyTuckerLoC
The Flowers Will Bloom in May! (Ballad)Arthur W. FrenchLoC
The Old House Far AwayEdward FitzgeraldLoC
Pity Our Tears, or, Song of the City OrphansTuckerLoC
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
[Knight, 1840; Tucker]
Emma Hart WillardLoC
The Mill-wheel Is Frozen in the Stream
[transcribed from an Old English song by Tucker]
Why Linger at the Stile? (Ballad)TuckerLoC


Beside the Sweet Shannon
(in response to Eileen Allanna)
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear [by H. G. Tucker (Henry Tucker?)] Edmond H. Sears, 1810-1876 LoC
When Starry Eyes Look on the SeaTuckerLoC
Why Fall These Tears?William W. SkaatsLoC


Alas! My Love's AwayFrancis S. SmithLoC
Come To Me,
or, The Blind Exile to His Wife
Joseph BrennanLoC
or, The Cows Are in the Corn
The Fishing Boats,
or, Golden Haired Alice
The Song of "Maud," The Beautiful SeamstressNew York WeeklyLoC
We Return No More!,
or, Highland Song of Emigration
Tucker LoC


Bright Be Our Parting (arr. from Boildieu)TuckerLoC
Down in Sweet Wyoming Vale
(from Clover Blossoms)
Arthur T. LeeLoC
or, Hanging on the Gate
On the Wild, Wide Mississippi
(from Clover Blossoms)
Arthur T. LeeLoC
Softly and LowTuckerLoC
There Are No Stars Burning
(from Clover Blossoms)
Arthur T. LeeLoC
To and Fro (Hymn, No. 413)anonymousLondon: Wesleyan-Methodist Sunday School Union


The Lass That Lives Next DoorJennie Nettles137/060A
They Say I Am Nobody's DarlingTucker139/006A1


Adah Moline [18 Apr.]Tucker05341@LoC; [7 Mar.]1883-03806@LoC
God Reigns! Our Country's Safe [30 Sep.]Tucker14691@LoC
Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Sacred Music)Charles Wesley, 1707-178818264@LoC
Soft Brown Eyes [3 Apr.]Tucker05935@LoC
Sweet Wind of Eve (A Romance)from the French, by L.A.C. [Lydia Avery Coonley?]19642@LoC


Nearer, My God, to Thee (Sacred Music) (SOLO with Chorus ad lib.) [6 Apr] [Mrs.] Sarah Adams [Flowers], 185905615@LoC
Saucy Sue (Serio Comic Song) [11 Jan]Tucker00428@LoC
Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (Sacred Music)Dorothy Ann Thrupp, 1779-184705616@LoC
The Children of the Poor (from Stoddart's Musical Library) [20 Mar.]Francis S. Smith1881-15734@LoC
The Old Folks and the Old Home So Dear [His Last Composition]Francis J. Cutting05615@LoC
The Sweet Long Ago (Ballad) (Companion to the Sweet By and By [by J. P. Webster, 1868]) [11 Jan.]Tucker00429@LoC
The Waiting Mother [20 May]David Grahan Adee08218@LoC


No Night in Heaven (from Buds and Flowers) [20 Nov.]Tucker20902@LoC
No Vow to Bind (from Buds and Flowers) [20 Nov.]George Cooper, 1838-192720903@LoC
Young Jennie (from Sentimental Songs) [by G. B. Allen; arr. by Tucker]G. B. Allen176/159


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